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I'm faltering.....help!

Oh my god, why the hell can't i stick to this diet?
My OH had to physically restrain me earlier. What can i do to keep hunger away?? tried water, fizzy water, getting a hobby, im just so bored! 3rd year uni is crappy.

please please please give me some advice, i have to lose this weight xxxx
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Nooooooooo, don't cheat! You're doing so well! Do something else so you don't eat, like paint your nails, have a bath, sew your mouth together ;)

I hope you managed not to eat, you're probably asleep now so you'll be ok in the morning :) Good luck resisting tomorrow


Mocha xx

You CAN do this! We'll be buddies if you like? Spooky also puts me in my place if I get the urge for something I shouldn't too!!
I'll PM you my msn & Mobile if you want?


Fed up of being fat
Bless, I hope you did better than me and resisted the urge to eat, this diet is fab but the battle in your head sometimes is a nightmare. We all just need to find that zone and stay in it .... I find it, stay in it for a couple of weeks and then take a trip backwards for a couple of days ... it really pi**es me off why I let myself do it ... but Im only human and one that can resist anything but temptation.

You can do this diet, the wight will come off, you will look better and feel more comfortable in your own body and you have tons of support on here. Keep at it and Im sure we will both find our cd mojos today!
Hi Leah.

I know exactly what you are going through Hun.

I get through the week with no problems at all, as I am at work and keeping myself really busy.....then along comes the weekend.
I start with the same good intentions and then it all goes pear shaped!!
Don't beat yourself up over it, just climb back up and get through the first day again....you can and will do it!

Take care


LIFE SAVERS!!!!!!!!!

panic over - (just really constipated!! so scales are going the wrong way and making me feel down)

i WILL NOT weigh until thursday!! bad bad grapey!!

Love you all :D x

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