I'm fourteen and 5ft6 how much should i weigh?


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I was wondering how much i should actually weigh for my height and age?
at the momment i'm 13 stone which is quite bad,and i'd like to be 8 stone or should i actually be trying to weigh less than that...i tried going into the future and put that as my BMI! and it came up with obese so i tried another and it said that it was underweight? what is a healthy weight for my age?:)
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Hello again :)

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But, I believe it's really important that you focus on making changes to your way of eating and lifestyle, rather than focusing on a number on the scale. Change the other bits and the weight will go down anyway, but don't get fixated on the scales


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It's best not to get too obsessed about a number on a scale because it can lead to an eating disorder, why not try to aim for a specific outfit? A dress, pair of jeans perhaps?