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Im getting greedy again


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it's maybe not as bad as you think, although said that our schools have now finished for the hols and although i have stuck to the plan i haven't done much walking (up and down to school).

Good luck.



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Thank you ...i am on 4 days off work I think its thrown me out of my usual rhythm too .

Nice long walk tomorrow and Monday try and catch it back


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If these foods are free, should you not be ok?

thought it was unlimited amounts you could have.

long as your not stuffed after and feel comfortable

I sometimes 'forget' and make 2 of something instead of one. I usually regret it because I feel so full afterwards. Not sure I will ever learn tho :p
Try not to worry too much. If they're free foods you should be ok. Habits are very hard to break, but at least it was good food and not sweets or crisps or something like that.


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Thanks for the support ladies

Weigh in 6PM tonite so will let you know

Walked 7 Miles yday so hopefully might have worked it off


Will be thin god dammit!!
Free foods shouldnt affect your loss and you already know that really your over doing it so you know where to make changes.
A lot of people find this at the when starting the plan as you know your 'OK' to eat it but after a while I think you get more aware of the need for portion control.
Good luck for WI tonight hun x

Mrs V

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Have to agree with Moomintrolljen. If the food is fat free/syn free which they are, the quantity should not effect your weight loss.

Good luck for this evening!


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