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I'm having a good GOOD week (finally!)

Hi Everyone thought I'd start a new thread as the other one was a bit negative and I'm feeling really positive so I thought a different one was needed!

Ok so I'm doing ok this week I stayed the same last week so I have been weighing myself everyday and noting the changes (if any) as I go as I find this motivates me more rather than not having any idea until weigh in if you know what I mean- it keeps me on track as I go which I badly need. so I have lost 2lbs this week, I'm desperate to get under 12 stone but i think that might have to wait til next week as I'll prob only lose another pound or 2 max this week I think.

I cant remember if I mentioned it but I have a job interview today and its for a really cool job (will tell more about it if I get it otherwise I never want to talk about it again!) I'm really scared tho as I havent worked for nearly 2 years while I have been looking after izzy and also had bad post natal depression so not sure how much to mention about it? any advice appreciated. I mean I dont agree with not being honest about these things but I know there are ways you can present facts to outsiders so it doesnt look so bad so I might try for that kind of route although not really sure how. I need to read up on questions etc I'm totally clueless! I really want the job but I dont know how to 'big myself up' if you know what I mean or I've forgotten at least.

mil doesnt pick up lo til 12 so cant really start preparing til then. ugh. I am feeling really postitive though just lacking a bit of confidence in the job department (i have picked a killer outfit woo woo!) will go for other jobs if I dont get this one so will try to maintain the positivity and use this as experience if it doesnt go to plan.

hope you're all having a good day! :) :D
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glad u r getting on better with lt.

on the job front, why do you feel u need to mention the post natal depression? There is nothing odd at all about wanting to take a couple of years off when u have a baby and i dont think any employer would think a 2 yr work gap is odd under the circumstances. its nice you want to be honest but at the same time, i think its totally irrelavent?
I know Karen but I had it REALLY bad like in hospital and everything and although I am over it now I guess it was such a big part of my life and who I was for so long (18 months) that I feel like I cant escape it if you know what I mean (like its written on my head or soemthing like that) I dont take any medication for it now or anything but I worry if they look into my medical history they will think I'm a liability or something like that. I think part of it is I am still adjusting to being a 'normal' person (whatever that is!) rather than a depressed or ill person and I really am loving life at the moment it's just my paranoia I guess.

I might touch briefly on it but wont make a big thing about it as I had to answer a brief medical questionnaire which I havent sent off yet but its two blokes interviewing me so hopefully they'll think it was nothing anyway and wont understand (bad but could be good in a way iykwim)

also when I applied for jobs this time last year I was still on meds so felt had to declare them and I literally only got one interview out of loads of applications (and on the app for that one I dont think I mentioned it all) so I felt really unconfident and like- who would want to employ ME? I think some of that feeling remains... also my doctor said people do discriminate even though they're not supposed to.

I know practically every mum goes back to work now but I just feel like I have to justify myself more or something and that I'm not the person I was when I was working before so it will be totally different. And that I dont deserve to have a decent job or something.... I'm just scared basically and I hope getting all my fears out now will mean they wont get to me in the interview situation!

I'm suffering from a crisis of confidence girls! :eek:
Hi son, I wasnt going to say as I would be embarrassed if I dont get it!....actually I am embarrassed and will pm you it! :eek:

Glad you are doing well this week is hubby starting lipotrim or not?


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i can understand what u mean....

if u want to touch upon it then i would use it to say how u have overcome some major pitfalls that adds to your ability to work hard, overcome obsticles and have an empathic approach or whatever. i dunno what job u r going for so dunno how u can fit it n generally lol. as long as u show it to be a positive thing that has happened in that u have learned an awful lot and turned it into a strength then u will be fine.

best of luck!! im sure the killer outfit will work a treat :D :D


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Jem you can do it, you will knock em dead, there is nothing to be embarrassed about. It will be a fantastic job to get, I love stuff like that.

Dont forget to let us know how you get on.


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hmmm....if its the kinda job that sonkie loves the idea of then it must be eiher perverted or immoral :p


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Jem I personally would not bring up your depression unless they ask....but if its on your form they shouldnt need to ask about it. Anyway, if the subject does come up most mothers have the baby blues that all they need to know really.

When I started out as a registered childminder, I was worried as I was on antideppressants and thought there was no way Ofsted would let me look after kids.....so I rang them and explained I was on medication and I suppose it would be a waste of time to even think about doing it.....She was really nice and said that it will not be a problem as most people have problems of some sort and as I was on mediction I was not ignoring it so would be fine.....that we are all normal people and we all need help at times of need....so please do not worry about it.

Just focus on the you as you are now, think positive, be positive and you will storm it.


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LOL...no i bet ur stock is all under the bed!! :p
thanks son I feel so much better after reading your post. :)

lo has just been picked up so now I can focus on thinking of interview questions like why I wanna work there etc and getting ready hurrah! I feel much better now and will get more confident once I've kind of worked out on paper my answers to some of the standard questions why I want and deserve to work there bla bla so its in my head if you know what I mean as its all a bit of a mess of ideas at the moment!

p.s do you fancy looking after my lo when I get this job nudge nudge wink wink!! ;)
hi ladies- the interview went really well, I ended doing most of my prep on the bus but I wasnt hardly nervous at all i thought I would be because when I play on stage I get sick with nerves and feel like I am going to be sick and I cant sing but this was totally different I was pretty calm and collected- yeah!

In fact when it came to asking them questions the guy afterwards said he'd never had such a grilling!! ha ha probably scared them off with my enthusiasm but anyway it was a good experience so if I dont get it I'll just apply for something else, I feel quietly confident about it though :cool: ;)

probably that will come back to bite me in the a$s but hey! it was a big step for me just to apply for a job and turn up for the interview considering what I was like just 6 months ago so I'm getting there slowly and if I get it then the bonus is that it lasts til the end of september but I am due to go to college sept/oct so it could fit quite nicely!

right better not say anymore about it or I'll jinx it, hopefully will get a call in the morning and let you know will try not to be too bummed out if I dont get it as I really do feel like I have achieved something already- sad but true!

Thanks for all your good wishes and support- you really helped!!! :D
thanks son- its 32 hours a week tues to sat 10-5.30 weekdays and 10-5.00 on sat, also open bank holiday mondays so wont be able to have those off! but I guess there are always downsides to any job... but upsides too! fingers crossed xxx
Ok so I didnt get the job.:cry: :( :sigh: :sigh:

The guy was really nice he said they thought I was very pleasant and confident and thought I was very refreshing but they were work on a scoring system for the questions and the more information you give the more points you get and I guess he was saying I could have talked a bit more about myself (bit out of practice lol) so there you go.

I cant believe I didnt even mention in the interview that I had an archaeology degree what an idiot! I think partly I was thinking because I had written everything down on my application form that they already knew things like that and the examples I gave so I didnt want to look stupid repeating myself iykwim but I dont think they had my app there anyway so I should have. I feel pretty bummed out now even though I said I would try not to be. :(

I know I probably jixed myself by being over confident about how it went- I still think overall I came across really well I just needed to work on the content of my answers, but I tend to have to be overconfident to make it through things like this otherwise I dont feel like I can do it. I feel like I've let everyone down now. I know it was only my first interview and I will learn as I do more but it was such a big step for me I guess I just exected it all to fall into place magically lol oh well will try not to drown my sorrows with choc. :rolleyes:
Awwww Jem never mind you were probably over qualified for them anyway.,....!
At least you have done your first interview now and know your strengths and weaknesses for next time. It is hard as you expect them to know what your qualifications are not have to repeat everything you have put on the form.

Dont get too disheartened, and put that chocolate bar down or sonya will have to come and give you a few slaps.....lol

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