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Im in agony....

You know that feeling when youve slept awkwardly and youve got a sore neck? Well I started noticing that last night, but its spread to my shoulders, back down as far as my shoulder blades and now my upper arms.

So much so I cant turn my head properly without turning my body round. God knows how Ill manage driving to work tonight...

Has anyone else ever had anything like this... any suggestions??
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Ooooh poor you.....:( Try Ibuprofen...... in fact I've just bought some as I've got a really stiff neck and all across the back of my shoulders too - mine is from slouching in bed reading a book mind....:rolleyes:

Take it easy and drive carefully chick....:)



Gone fishing
Try the topical ibuprofen cream. You just rub it on and it works really well.

If you don't have that, the pills will help a lot.

It is very uncomfortable. Hope it gets better quick!
I tell you what i use because i get it all the time is this thing i get from the pharmacy in tesco's. Luckily my pharmacist is very helpful....what it is is a sachet for 50p and you rub it on your neck or anywhere you think you may need thawing out. Its called BIOFREEZE...its a pain relieving gel and its the pups nuts in my honest opinion. Its drug free too.

Ruthy xxx

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