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I'm in love with the porridge!


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I love the porridge too....!!! I only eat the porridge and the choc mint shakes!!
My mum also loves the porridge, she says it reminds her of Farex (baby porridge....which she apparently used to pinch off of us!! lol)


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I have not taken to the porridge at all. I hoped I would. Its not that it is really vile, but its bland and smells odd... off putting.:jelous:

Shame really.
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I'm hoping I like mix-a-mousse, if not I may be joining you with all the porridge! not a fan of the shakes and cannot do any of the soups. hope you don't let your mum steal your porridege ;) xx
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lemma 1968, I've learnt not to smell any of the cd stuff before I eat it, don't think any of it smells particularly appealing, so I hadn't noticed that! have you tried spices/adding bits of shakes (eg bit of chocolate shake for choc porridge) x


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I love the porridge too Apple and cinnamon is my fav. It is more filling than the shakes too. Feel like Im really eating porridge...


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:drool:ditto - LOVE the apple and cinnamon porridge. Tres lush


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I discovered the best thing the other night...sprinkle a pinch of instant coffee into the porridge before you add the water - coffee flavoured porridge! So tasty! xx
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the filling bit is what I love, the warmth and expansion of my stomach! and it reminds me of the microwavable porridges I've had before. I'm not so keen on the apple one, but think that's because it reminds me of the apple air freshner in my car...maybe I should get rid of that and try again :)
S: 17st12.5lb C: 17st7lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 38.4 Loss: 0st5.5lb(2.2%)
mmm coffee porridge. never been too keen on coffee (altho ate enough coffee flavoured chocs out the tin at christmas!), but the more variety the better, definitely one to try :)


is going to do this!
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I LOVE the apple and cinnamon porridge. I'm sad about CD ever ending cos I could just eat it forever! lol


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I love the porridge too...never thought I would as I hate "real" porridge.


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I couldnt stand the porridge when I tried it..Just goes to show how our tastes are all so different. Its good to see some tips on here, maybe Ill try it again soon.

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