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Im loving exante because..


Likes to eat
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Suppose I just want to spread my motivation about a bit - to anyone thinking of starting. I'd love if people could add why their loving this so much too as I think it'll be helpful for all of us.

I appreciate that I'm only on day 4 so perhaps the novelty will wear off BUT, if it's true that it's going to get even easier then this will be brilliant.

In addition to the obvious - the fat just melting off, the health and self esteem benefits as a consequence, im also thinking that this will be the healthiest I'll feel and the best I'll look for a long time because:

The amount of water I'm drinking will enviably clear out my skin and do wonders for my complexion and hair.

To keep myself occupied and a way from the fridge at night, in spending much more time upstairs taking long baths, moisturising, painting my nails, conditioning my hair - I'm planning on a complete self transformation - growing my nails, getting hair in better nick etc as the weight falls off.

Im starting to have early nights and plenty of rest (which I never have) as if I'm finding it hard I pop myself off to bed. My house has never been so tidy (as I'm trying to keep busy and occupied and away from food), as a result my children and husband are benefitting from a lovely organised home.

I keep thinking about how great I'll feel when I hit the next stone or size down which, let's face it, on this diet is only ever a few short weeks away. I keep thinking about how excited I'll be every weigh day. I keep thinking of people's reactions. I keep thinking I won't be an embarrassment to my kids at the school gate, I keep thinking of the positive affect this will have on my marriage - my low confidence and feeling crap about myself do pose a negative one.

All this and in half the time I would have expected on any other diet. Regardless of how much any of us have to loose it's just a few short months out of your ENTIRE life - a drop in the ocean really. And obviously, it's not like life is on hold during those months as each week you will be drastically changing and transforming into a more fabulous version of yourself.
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Well said Hunni well done and keep up the good work xxx

Sent from my iPhone love n hugs Kel xx
S: 18st5lb C: 11st10lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 24.2 Loss: 6st9lb(36.19%)
Fab thread I love the energy and clear mind I have :) x

lost nearly 6 stone ... hoping to make it 7 :)


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I love not having to think about what I'm eating, and I love the fact my carb cravings are diminishing...


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I love the not having to weigh anything or count cals, it is simple and easy to work out. I love the fact that in almost 5 weeks I can actually see my body changing and clothes that wouldn't fit are now too big :D
S: 17st2lb C: 16st5lb G: 14st12lb BMI: 32.9 Loss: 0st11lb(4.58%)
I love the fact that in 10 weeks on Exante I've never had a week where I've gained or stayed the same - definitely a first for me and I've tried every diet out there!
Also love that my goal, which seemed so unachievable before starting Exante, is now only 3 months away :D
S: 14st11lb C: 13st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 29.4 Loss: 1st3lb(8.21%)
Good post Nikki.

I love Exante because in 2 weeks I've managed to change my whole outlook on food and what I eat or don't eat. I am starting to obsess less and less about food and what I've eaten. And best of all I've managed to shift alot of fat.. My clothes are feeling looser and my overall selfasteem has risen alot. It's tasty and filling and it's simple.
I love exante because it means I'm not constantly thinking "hmmm what shall I eat next". I love it because the shakes are filling and an absolute pleasure to drink! I love the fact I'm not spending up to a fiver everyday at work for lunch! Hooray! X


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I love that Exante is helping me achieve a long term goal of mine to be a fit & healthy person. I love that it is cheap and easy and that I feel really well when I am following it.

I love minimins while I'm doing Exante too, as it is helping me to stick with it and find my way through all the ups and downs and actually achieve this dream.

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