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I'm New

HI my names Emma i'm from essex and i'm 19, i weight 15.3 st and want to get to 11.
I have PCOS, which as people who have it know makes loosing weight that bit harder, im on the maximuscle diet at the mo. and am exercising at least 3 times a week.
I would appreciate any support and would like to do challenges for motivation!
Anyone know of any challenges?
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Hi Emma

Welcome! I'm sure that you are going to get all the support you require to reach your goal.

I'm new here too - will look out for your posts.

Good luck xx
Hi Emma,

Just seen your post , i don't know what the Maix Muscle diet is but i tried for years to lose weight having PCOS as well i never seemed to lose any weight until i discovered that my pcos reacts worse to carbs and that the carbs i was eatting were being stored fat All carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars. These sugars are absorbed into the bloodstream. As the sugar level rises, the pancreas releases a hormone called insulin, as you may know woman with pcos have too much insulin so all the carbs were being stored as fat and hence why i couldn't lose weight on a ww or sw diet,

i would really recommend a low carb diet for pcos - good luck with your diet and don't let having pcos put you off it can be done ! ;)

im new as well! I'm 15st 11 and on the weight watchers diet which i love! it really worked for me last year when i lost nearly 3 stone from 17stone to 14st 13lbs, unfortunately I've put on about a stone and am finally getting my butt in gear to lose 3 more stone!

my challenge is to lose 3 stone for my mother in law's 50th bday party on 2nd October. I have calculated I will need to lose at least 4lb a week for 9 weeks so fingers and toes crossed! lol i also am going to the gym and working out at least 3 times a week which i love to get some good songs on my ipod and take out my frustrations on the machines!

just keep at it girl you will get there!
maybe for your challenge you could break it down into mini-targets, like for every month aim to lose 7lbs?

hope this helps hun

Kirsty xx
HI i just want to get below 15 st and stay there or lower, when ever i reach 14 something it only lasts a week or so! drives me mad!

I havent tried weight watchers is it all microwave meals? and confusing points?
Heya, I know how you feel 'cause last year I was the same when I got to under 15 it started to get harder for me to lose more weight and have ended up putting an a stone! lol

Weight watchers certainly is not all microwave meals! lol but i have to say some of the weight watchers alternatives are really good and especially low in fat and calories!

To start with the points system can be quite daunting, it was for me! But once you go to your first meeting it is all explained to you and you get a booklet to calculate how many points you are allowed each day and basically all you have to do is stick to your points. For the first couple of weeks I stuck to it religiously and pointed every single thing I ate and wrote it all down to see how many points I saved which made it really motivating! I find it very good to keep a diary of everything I eat.
The good thing about the diet is you can eat basically anything you want! as long as you don't go over your points for the day.

You can give it a try, once you get into the hang of it, it's really easy to stick to and every week you get weighed even if you only lose half a pound it feels great! :):)

Try the website, it's quite good!

Hope this helped and keep me posted! :p:p

Kirsty xx
Hey :) I'm doing WW too, and have PCOS. I swear for the life of me I could run 10 hours straight everday and not lose an ounce but should I even LOOK at a slice of bread I've gained a stone :p

I tend to stay away from bread, the WW bread and Nimble is great because I have the same amount of slices but it is (as a guess) half the carbs/calories etc :p

EMMA. : Just wondered if you take anything for PCOS? Hope you don't mind me asking :)

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