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I'm new

Hello everyone ..
i havn't actualy started LT yet
i went to the docs today new women doc told me about it and wow!!!! been reading forum for hours .
I'd already decided to give it a try befor i read this forum now i'm hooked and will be going to the chemist thursday and will start on tuesday as im away camping in lakes this weekend so not a good mix rain walking and no food
anyway start tuesday
I'm dead on 16 stone have been 18 in the past got to 13 4 years ago but not with any diet i had gall stones and couldn't eat a thing so here i am overweight again and really looki g forward to the future being slim healthy and reading all your great storys

Debz x:D
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welcome debz, best of luck, look forward to hearing your progress, i also started around 16 stone andnever thought it would work but it really does, enjoy your camping
hi debz!

welcome to our fab little world! really good luck - you sound really motivated so you will be great on Lipotrim!

first week is tough but the results are just phenomenal!! and just remember, nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!! xx
Welcome to the wonderful world of LT Debz :) best of luck and have a lovely weekend before you start :)
Thank you everyone ..
i just can't wait why had i not heard about this befor argh!
i was so close to spending money that i don't have on a gastric band you wouldn't belive i know i can do this and counting on some moral support i'll need it :gen126:

Debz x
Hello Debz, best of luck on your Lipotrim journey. I couldn't have succeeded without the help from all the wonderful members from this site. Come on here for advice and motivation and for a good 'ol whinge if need be!!!! Give this your 100% total commitment, and it will be the fastest method of weight loss without surgery. I ignored friends and families "advice" that it was bad for my health....the opposite was true, my B.P. and cholesterol went to normal levels from high. You will have to accept that you cannot eat and drink at social events, but believe me when I tell you once the weight starts dropping off, you WONT want to ruin it. Food is around us and will be there to enjoy, sensibly at the end of your journey. This is the very first time I have not yo-yoed at the end of a diet in my 38 years of dieting, (since I was 16) You can do it. Good luck.
Hi debz i'm a newbie too. i also wondered why i hadn't heard of lipotrim having been obese for 10 years and tried everything there was to try!! I only found out about it by reading a newspaper article. hope we can support one another and good luck:D


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Hi debz welcome to the family hun. I am glad you had a read of the forum it is brilliant with all the success and support.
I actually went for a family meal the night before I started so this will be a nice treat for you.
If you can be strict and determained then this is the right diet for you.

Take care :)


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Hi Debz

Well, well done to your doctor for recommending LT. I dont think enough do this..maybe they are not informed as well as yours!

You have made a very important step and it is good that you have spent time reading the forum, etc.....before starting and you have a start date! Enjoy your weekend.

The diet is not for the faint hearted, but all I can say is it rewards you 100% for all the effort you put in...what goes in comes OFF, so to speak! Keep your wits about you and be strong and determined and it wont be half as hard as you imagine. Keep looking at your ultimate goal in the times when you are really struggling.....keep coming on here for lots of support and to give support as well, as soon you wont be a newbie ;-)!!!!!

We are a great bunch and I too, wouldnt be half as motivated if it wasnt for the forum.

Keep positive, never negative...dont think that you CANT have food, and feel down about it, just keep in your mind how you feel now being the size you are and how you will be, not eating and just having the shakes/flapjacks!....key is positivity in my book :)

Welcome again and good luck on your LT journey.

Take care
Welcome Debz,

I`m new too (started yesterday) Great that your Dr told you about it. I asked mine on Fri and she said she`d never heard of it :rolleyes:

I thought long & hard about LT and read this board and got lots of great advice (thanks guys!)

Good Luck!

LiSe Xx


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excellent news you are starting, post any questions no matter how silly they seem, we can help!
Great people on here, you will get loads of support, always someone to 'talk' to
keep us posted on your progress.
Welcome Debz
This is a great diet with great results so stick with it.Have a nice weekend and we all look forward to your progress reports :)

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