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im new

hi all, im new, just started cd 2day.
ive been lurking in here for mths. finally decided to post, not sure how it all works thou lol.
hopefully it'll come 2 me.
this site is truely amazing!!! so many people doing so well. such an inspiration!
im so excited 2 think that finally i might get there 2, but at the same time im very scared ill fail like all the other times ive tried to diet :cry:
ive got 6 stone to lose, so im here for the long haul.. i hope.
does anyone know how i can get a tracker thingy?
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Hiya Donna
and welcome to the boards .... you'll soon get the hang of it and be posting away all the time - stops you being in the kitchen!

Good luck for your weight loss journey and think about starting a diary to help motivate you and show yourself how well you've done. http://www.minimins.com/weight-loss-diary/

This helps show you how to set up weight loss tracker etc ... http://www.minimins.com/tutorials/
Hi Hun! I'm on day 9. My experience last week I would not like to repeat! Be warned its really hard. But I turned a corner yesterday and I feel fine today (especially as I lost 9lb!!). So good luck, stick with it its really worth it!!!
Hello Donnamarie:D

Just wanted to wish you all the best for your cd journey. I'm sure those 6stones will soon fall off.:D

Keep drinking the water and remember that the first week really is the worst.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

As for your ticker - if you click on mine it should link you to the page where you can create your own, follow the steps and then cut and paste into your cp signature (you will need to keep minimins open)

Good luck:)
Thanks so much guys xx
Wow lilly 9lbs! well done hun.
Yes ive been warned about this 1st week, i am really worried as i really want this so much...
But im gonna give it my all, and stick with it 100%.

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Hiya Donna, Welcome along. Im on day ten and it does get better believe me. It may be hard at the moment but its worth it. I too have about 6 stone to loose, but i went for me first weigh in yesterday and had lost 15lb, this diet rocks! Still with it xx

As for the tracker, go to Trying To Conceive Ticker and create one.
Hi Sarah... well done on your 15lbs loss way 2 go hun woohoo!!
Thanks 4 your help, i just had a look, choose a design but cant seem to work out how i put the numbers on it, the ammount i wanna lose???
Hi all im back again!
Think ive done it right now but how do i know? should it just come up on bottom of this new thread?
Sorry if im sounding thick.. this is all new 2me xx

Sarah M

Getting the hang of this
Put the weight you want to be in Your target weight:
Put your weight now in Your starting weight
put your height in aswell, then as you loose weight you can change your ticker but entering 'Your Current Weight'.

Hope that helps you, took me a couple of attempts to get it round the right way!
Hey there ~ welcome to mini's and good luck with your first week. It is a tough one but nothing that you won't be able to deal with. Often it's more a case of getting your head around the whole not eating thing that can get to you but as soon as you have your first WI you'll be hooked :)

Well done on your weightloss Sarah ~ a pretty good start that yey :party0011:
Hi domino & frejja thank you very much.
Your weight losses so far are brilliant!!
credit to you both well done xx
Sarah.. thanks so much hun think ive finally done it (my ticker lol)
Im feeling really positive about this cd.
Im gonna do this, this time is my time! xxx :)
Help im fading fast!!!!!

hiya everyone I am new to the cambridge diet started eleven days ago and am really finding it hard I guess its because a work long hours I was wondering if anyone could help me.Is there a way I could help speed up my weightloss and does eating something really small like a salad make that much of a difference or should i say one custard cream. I had my first weigh in on monday 10th september and I was ten pounds lighter:) but now I am worried that I wont lose near as much as that the next time I get weighed again.I know I should be pleased but I have atleast another five stones to go and I dont know if I will be able to do it.I am only managing to drink 3 litres a day but if I dramk more would it really help! I f anyone could give me some advice I would be grateful and could someone tell me if it gets easier!!!!
start weight 104.4kg's:cry:
wk 1-10lbs lost:)

Well done on the first Wi result. 10lb is fab.

Please try not to nibble as you will find it hard to stop. 100% abstinence is the best way to do this diet. I have lost almost 4 stones in 3 months so it might seem daunting to think you need to lose 5 stones but it wont take as long as you think.

And yes, it really will speed up your weight loss if you drink as much water as poss.
Hiya Donnamarie and fattygirl and welcome to minimins also well done on your fab weight losses so far, it's gonna be hard but VERY worth it!!!!!
re;drinking huge amounts of water

Thanks so much for replying to my query,IT was much appreciated.I will try to drink more water,but it is really hard.
I am begining to notice much more of a difference in my jeans and trousers they are much looser,so I am MOTIVATED to keep on going because I know it would really be worth it in the end.