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I'm not being recognised lol

When I bump into people I havn't seen for a while they are literally not recognising me. There I am chatting away and they are looking me up and down like I am a crazy women. I had to tell 3 people today- hello it's me :eek: 8st 9lb lighter but it's me. It's great that I must look so different but kinda weird as it's only been 7 months since I started cambridge and I can't get my head around how different I look let alone people I know lol.

To anyone starting cd soon or thinking about it, it is the best thing I have ever done and so life changing :D.
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LOL....its a great feeling, isnt it? I've had people do a double take when they see me as they dont recognise me. Well done on your loss!
Zoe that's great. It must feel so good. Congratulations. You have made such wonderful progress.
I am hoping for reactions like that in the summer when i go home. lol in fact I am planning not to have my usual spring trip home so that the impact in the summer will be greater. I do need to have a spring shopping trip back to UK but will go to my aunt's in Nottingham or to friends in London instead of going back to Newcastle.
Thanks Girls. I can't wait to get to the size I am staying at and then I can go and do some serious clothes shopping lol.


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Awesome stuff about not being recognised. What do they do? Do they do that polite conversation while secretly trying to place you?
Well done Zoe,when I lost weight in 2000 then had my hair re-styled a couple of people didn't recognise me-it was such a shame they rang my mum up feeling so embarrassed.
You have done so well,wish I had started my diet earlier in the year. x


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you have made fantastic progress your photos are a brilliant testament to your determination.....well done!!
great feeling when people notice your efforts aint it :)
i have a guy at work keeps telling me i need a good meal lol i should be flattered but maybe after i lose the next 4 stone lol

keep up the great work :D:D:D
That's exactly what they do Sulleyp until the penny drops and they get all embarrassed and apologise lol.

Thanks Mrs Taurus and GeMzy x
Hi Zoe,

Wow you look fantastic - bet you feel fab. Just had a look at your photos (sorry I'm so nosey!!) they are truely inspirational you have done so well. Was wondering if you have had any problems with loose skin or has it all gone back? - sorry to be personal its just something thats concerning - I've had a baby and my skin on my tummy has never gone completely back - since losing 3 stone I dont think its particularly worse but it does concern me that when I lose all of my weight it is something I'll have to deal with - just want to be prepared!!!

Also had a look at your cakes they are absolutely fantastic - very talented cake decorator and weight loser!!! Well done x


The Minis Bad Boy
teehee its like when you see an old school chum and you KNOW you knwo them but cant for the life of you think fo their name. You end up calling them mate, chum, dude, homes...... until it finally clicks that their name is Graham.
Zoe, it is a great feeling isn't it? We visited some of my husbands friends on Saturday night and his mate said to me that he would have walked past me in the street as he hardly recognised me and I know I shouldn't gloat about things like this but his wife has really gained a lot of weight and she has always been a lot slimmer than me but she is now fatter than me....I love CD....I am no longer the fat friend...hee..hee!!!!! I made sure I made a real effort when I got ready for that visit...I blow dried my hair and left it down (something I rarely do) and I put my contact lenses in instead of my glasses and I put a brand new outfit on with new boots and a little bit of slap and I was looking good if I do say so myself! I felt great and it just inspires me to get to the end of my journey as soon as possible so I can look amazing when I get to my final size.
I will try and be good over the festive period but I will not beat myself up if I am a bit naughty....after all a little bit of what you fancy does you good!!
Thanks Nicki and Tinkerbell. lol Sulleyp.

Tinkerbell, I do have some loose skin on my arms but touch wood my tummy isn't too bad at the moment but I still have my c-section hanging tum from my two girls. It's got better and I am hoping with the last 26lbs it will get even better. My boobs however are a different story, I need a surgeon with skill to look at these babies but I was expecting it. I think everyone is different and apparantly you need to give your body a year after you have lost the weight to go back to it's best so heres hoping next Xmas I will be slim and have tight skin lol. Good luck hun, you are doing fab xx

Nicki, that is so funny and I totally know where you are coming from with the "I am skinnier than her" thing. It's a great feeling not to be the biggest or the fat friend anymore lol. I totally agree about Xmas-have a treat and don't feel guilty, you have done so well. Have a great Xmas and enjoy xx


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You look stunning Zoe!

Well done on your fantastic weight loss:happy096:

Love Mini xxx
You are so close now. Going clothes shopping will be so fun. hOW I envy you. :~)
Mrs. Essex - I am clearly behind the times! You are a brunette - I didn't recognise your photograph!

Inspiring tales here of how CD can achieve so much positively to health and appearance; I need the inspiration!

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