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im not losing ????

Your body may have gotten used to what you are doing.
This happens sometimes and the best way to get the weight moving again is to change a few things.....do different exercise, more of it or at a higher intensity.
Try eating different things and a different amount of calories a day.
thanks hun i will try something new x


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Hi leanne,
what diet are you doing? I'm only on day 2 but feeling ok. I'm on the lipotrim and feel a lot less bloated already! Hope you get on well x
nothing too extreme just eatin healthier and not as much haha hardest part is no snacking :cry:

i feel happier n less bloated too :D

good look hun!!
Someone who adds much used, but maintains the same diet and calorie intake, will almost certainly lose weight.

Whether you hate gyms - even light exercise like a short 20 minute walk would be beneficial if done most days of the week.
i have started losing weight again and i have really made much diff :/ i dont know whats up with my silly body?!
You have increased your exercise, thus you will be building up muscle, even if you cannot see it yet.

This can often lead to feeling depressed because the weight isn't falling off. I've been there. It is far FAR better to take measurements of the waist and stomach, and thighs, and not be a slave to the scales. Inches can drop off without weight changing at all.

Also, if you are doing 10 minute sessions, i found the '10 minute solutions' workout dvds to be amazing. It's a lot easier to stick to than things like step ups, as there are various sections. It's also ideal for a hectic lifestyle due to needing only 10 minutes at a time. I've done the pilates one with Susan Bowen for about 6 months, and along with a healthy diet, I've lost 7 inches from my waist.

Hope this helps, and good luck. Don't let it get you down!
yes definately count your calories if you are not doing a specific diet. It is so easy to eat just that too many calories which may stop you losing. Or even the other way around, you may find you need a few more to keep your metabolism up :)

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