I'm Off! Enjoying so far


Well, at long last I've got started. I took a second look this morning when my councellor told me I had a BMI of 31.5! Still let's not harbour on the past. I've tried the cappacino shake and a soup, very nice, not bad at all and I have drank loads of water. Spent most of my time so far on the loo! Can't wait to try my other flavours. Going to keep plugging away, as there is no way back now, no way.
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Well done on starting, remember the 1st week is the hardest. Try to keep occupied and drink loads of water...and then drink more water.


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welcome to cambridge! it is so much easier after the first week so try to focus on getting past that. it gets easier as time goes on.

best of luck



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Yep just hang on for dear life for the first few days-will be much easier after that :)


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Good luck, it is the best and craziest diet ever!!! You will do great and the results speak for themselves. Sarahxx.


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'Ello me darlin!

Welcome to CD, and I wish you all the success in the world. Just to re-iterate what others have said, the first week is the hardest, it gets easier, although we do go through our little things that may make us want to eat, but the trick is not to fall off the wagon! There will be tough times, this is no walk in the park, but we get through it! No point in telling you it will be a bed of roses, as that would not be me being honest, but stick to it, keep yourself busy, and drink loads of water. Also remember everyone of us on here is traveling on the same path, the same journey, the same destination, although some of us are further along the path than others, we are all still doing it. Ifyou need anything, motivation, a chat, advice and help then get your bottom on here and ask! I can tell you that if it wasn't for this site, my CDC and m O/H, I would not be doing this now! 42 days in and 25lbs lighter!!! Good luck my sweet I hope the path is a nice smooth one for you with very little infact no rocks and boulders to climb over x x x x :)