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im panicing!

I felt like a right fraud for fretting over this after reading Hellies post a few minutes ago, but i just need someone to double check for me.

Now, i did post my food menu for this entire red week, and its day 2, now iv followed it to the T of my plan.. but im not hungry, despite no pasta, pots or rice etc and im actually really scared im making a mistake somewhere. :confused: i really dont want to gain, and im so scared! :cry: i know loads of people do red days, and i know im being rediculous, but im putting my heart and soul into this week and im terrified that im not doing it right and wont get a good result. please look :( lol


Breakfast:i sliced some banana and chopped up some grapes, topped with with 2 tablespoons of less than 3% fat natural greek yoghurt that i sweetened with canderel, and crushed 2 alpen lights up (HEB no.1) and sprinkled on top.

Lunch: Sweet chilli chicken chunks on a massive salad of lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, cucumber, onion and red pepper with 1 bag of sweet chilli ryvita minis (HEB no2) 1 orange and 1 plum.

Dinner: Steak, fat removed and fryed in frylight, on a bed of peppers and onions in 0.5 syns worth of tom salsa and seasoning topped with 28g of cheese. served with lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, cucumber

Followed by less than half a syns worth of hartleys sugerfree jelly, chopped grapes, and some squirty cream. 1 syn for lot.

1.5syns for day.

chopped banana, sliced grapes and pears, 2 crushed apple and sultana Alpen lights (HEB no1) and some jelly LOL (less than half a syn again) but counting as half anyways.

Lunch: lettuce, rocket, tomatoes, cucumber, onion, red pepper, 2 thick slices of ham, 2 hard boiled eggs and 1 wholemeal asda pitta (HEB no2) and 2 apples.

Cauliflower, brocolie and bacon baked in less than 3% fat natural yoghurt, 1 egg, 1tsp of mustard powder, seasoned and 28g of chedder (HEAno.1) and 42g of mozzerela (HEAno.2) served with suger snap peas, carrots and gravey (1syn)

followed by chopped plum and grapes, and squirty cream 0.5syn.

2syns for day so far.

Is this all okay for 2 red days?

Im so sorry im bombarding you with new threads!
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Seems fine to me Fernie - although I've not done red for a while. Double check your yoghurt as I'm not sure the 3% fat stuff is free. Might be wrong there though.
You seem to be eating plenty of veg with your meat, which is great. Don't worry about not being hungry - protein apparently is good at making you feel full and if you're eating plenty of veg, you won't be hungry!

Well done. Hope the rest of your red week goes well x
**** sake.. 500g less than 3% fat greek yoghurt is 4 syns.. im sure i had a 150g pot, how many syns is that? flipsake.
I'd call it 1 syn for 150g of the yogurt.
Swap to the 0% fat total greek yogurt next time you shop, it's free.
Thanks, iv done that today, i know 0% was free but i assumed anything really low fat was.. just goes to show no matter how long uv been doing this you can still be caught out, thats why im so nervous! LOL
1 measly syn! You're doing fine Fern!

You've had hardly any syns the last couple of days, so 1 that you hadn't planned isn't going to hurt! :D

I've been thinking of doing some red days recently too, so i'm really interested in how you're doing - keep us posted and good luck! ;) xxx
1 measly syn! You're doing fine Fern!

You've had hardly any syns the last couple of days, so 1 that you hadn't planned isn't going to hurt! :D

I've been thinking of doing some red days recently too, so i'm really interested in how you're doing - keep us posted and good luck! ;) xxx

despite my panicing and fear of doing somthing wrong, if what im doing is 100% right, then im actually finding this a hell of a lot easier than i ever thought i could.. after doing ee for so long, its a whole new world to me (despite loosing my first 2 and a half/3 stone on Green before ee came out) i havnt been hungry once, although its only day three and although its more limiting than EE im so enjoying the extra healthy extras, and have not been so stumped as to what to eat as i thought i would. BUT i spent an entire week researching meals that i knew id like and making sure i went through how i cook them and what veg i might add without thinking to avoid any slip ups.. and i had to plan breaky, lunch and tea, rather than a vague guess at lunch and only planning my eve meal.

today iv had.

massive fruit salad topped with strawb shape yoghurt for breaky

then i had two chicken breasts, in bbq sauce (1) cripsy bacon and 28g chedder HEA no.1 with a massive salad and a bag of ryvita mini's HEB no1

tonight im having chicken marinaded in 1 tablspoon tikka masala paste, and 0% greek yoghurt, and using a wholemeal pitta as a naan HEB no.2 .. if i get desperate whilst everyone else is eating they'r take away il use my secound HEA to have a milky hot choc :)

does anyone know how much mango chuctney is? i do quite like a bit :D
I think that roughly a tablespoon is 15ml and a teaspoon is 5ml....and dessert spoon is somewhere inbetween. So, if you use 3 level teaspoons it should = a tablespoon :)
I didn't even realise tablespoons were bigger than the spoons you get in sets as in "spoon fork knife" until we got a proper cutlery set recently lol. I must say that I like that tablespoons are bigger than I thought lol.

Food diary looks great btw xx
I have a couple of sets of measuring spoons, which I love! All teaspoons (for actually stirring tea) are slightly different sizes, and someone one told me that baking is a science, not an art, and it pays to be precise to get good results. So, I invested in measuring stuff and I use them all the time.

These Lakeland spoons are fab Magnetic Measuring Spoons - Lakeland, the home of creative kitchenware
and I have this measuring cup http://www.lakeland.co.uk/tala-cook's-measure/F/keyword/measuring/product/13046 , which is fantastic because it allows me to easily cook US recipes I find online.

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