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I'm really surprised (food mentioned)


I WILL be thin!!
As some of you might know, I went out with friends last night and I didnt make any right choices (well, when its indian, chinese, thai, napalise, etc, buffet, its hard to) and I had 2 glasses of wine and dessert. Thoroughly enjoyed myself but felt as though I hadnt really been away from food, even though I have.
Anyway, as promised, I got straight back onto SS this morning, expecting to be ravenous all day, BUT nothing! Not a thing. I mustve knocked myself out of ketosis (I have never used the stix and dont intend to). But I'm pleased that I feel so good today, though I felt pretty bad when i got home last night as I'm not used to food. Will be glad to eat again when my time comes.
On the real plus side, I felt REALLY slim in my new clothes last night and friends commented on the change :D
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well done over the 7 months i have been doing this i have had 1-2 treats like this and there really enjoyable i look forward to the next but really more importantly having the healhty lifestyle at least 6 days a week
Trueblue...thats bloody good work girl :D

Why not have a night off this far in ...i think if one is strong enough to get back on plan then go for it..i did when i returned from holiday and merged straight back to ss love it

I wouldnt advise it very early on in the diet :confused: as not established yet..but quite a way in...why not

Each to their own and all that malarky though :D:p:D
How nice to hear that you felt slim and good about yourself on your night out - it really has been a while since I experienced that.
Good news that you enjoyed your night out and resumed CD immediately - couldn't promise that I would have your self-discipline.


WILL be Slim!
we have a place like that local to us, Red Hot, and its delicious! I went with DH a couple of weeks ago and only ate salad and meat, and managed to resist all the desserts/booze etc!

I would love to have a night off at the moment, but i am so desperate to get to goal that i just cant....!

Glad you had a super night out hun! :D


I WILL be thin!!
If I didnt have self discipline, then all the hard work and money (remembering that this is not cheap) has all gone to waste. I refuse to be fat. I never used to be til I gave up smoking. I also watch my mother who has dieted all my life, still trying to diet now, and sadly always failing. I dont want to do that. Life is too short.
Ahh well done hun glad u had a good night! And even better u gt straight back on the next day! x


WILL be Slim!
how do you feel today hun if you dont mind me asking? My biggest fear about doing something like this is trusting myself to go back to SS the next day and it not physically or mentally killing me! lol

I guess i'm still finding it hard to trust myself.....oh, and the glycogen gain fills me with A LOT of fear! :(

Would love to be able to get past this mental block as i have a wedding in a couple of weeks and i'm contemplating just taking tetra's with me....which makes me feel a bit guilty as they are paying out for me to eat!



I WILL be thin!!
Lizz, I feel absolutely fine. As i said, there was never any doubt I could go straight back on SS but I was prepared to have knocked myself out of ketosis and be absolutely starving and I'm not. My body doesnt seem to have realised that I had real food last night and wine. Good servings of indian and chinese, plus dessert! Thats why I'm so surprised, I was expecting 3 days of torture to come to get back into ketosis and thats not happening. Im so pleased.
Just to add to the above, i also didnt suffer any pre ketosis symptoms second time around after coming back from holiday oddly enough

Ya reckon alot of it is 'mind set' coz i do :) lol


WILL be Slim!
i'm not sure if i'm envious or not! lol :D

I having a real "food" night tonight....i could eat anything and everything right now, but the only thing that keeps me going in these moods is the "fear" of the aftermath.....

wish i had more belief in myself! your will power and determination....now THAT i envy hun! well done xxxxx
I am only on day 13 and I went to a wedding yesterday,did take my shakes but was no facilities to do them and havent bought any bars,tetras yet. As I hadn't had brekki was starving by 2pm when food was up so did eat,stuck mainly to chicken,ham,salad,did have some wholemeal cous cous which was yum,fruit salad and a small slice of wedding cake (fruit). So not too bad really,drank diet coke so no alcohol and have been surprised that I haven't felt hungry at all today and only had one shake at 7pm and hav3e drank lots of water so am hoping tomorrows weighin will go ok.
Not going to dwell on it as was my best friends wedding that had been planned for ages so I knew I was going and it's the only social event I had planned between now and xmas.
I have that horrible metallic dry taste back in my mouth already and am freezing so its got to be ok (i hope).
Believe we all need to let our hair down once in a while just don't push the boat out too much and get back on plan nxt day!
Well done to all your losses you are all amazing

Natalie xx

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