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I'm so cross!!! grrrrr....


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You are the first person I know who likes the flapjacks :p Must be annoying for you though..So when did they say they may come in? Hope they do soon for you...:)


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they can usually get stock in a few days ,get your pharmasist to ring you when they arrive and swap a few of your sachets,i love the peanut flapjacks mmm,i wont be able to have them for a week or two yet though xx
Sounds like my pharmacy! (Not that I ever ask for flappys of course!) Never got what you want and have to order it in, yet when you come back two days later for what should have come in by then it's mysteriously not there because someone never placed the order! Shocking :eek:


I will do this!!!
Sorry you actually like the flapjacks?!?!!?


I will do this!!!
Its only libertys 2nd week, i wonder if liberty has even tried them yet?? id rather eat a floor tile than a crumb of a flapjack even the smell of them turns my stomach!!!
Made with Marmite/Bovril and Medea says she read the ingredients and the coconut ones have no mention of having anything like coconut in them, that and they both have the same ingredients yet one is coconut flavoured and one is peanut flavoured! Weird...


I will do this!!!
I love marmite and especially bovril (on toast yummy) i dont think they have anything in them other than sawdust personally. Im never going to try them again
I like the peanut flapjacks; very handy when you are on the move. I take them to work for lunch and nibble them with a large black coffee. They do take a bit of getting used to though. The coconut one has no peanut butter; think thats the difference but where the coconut comes from is beyond me!
flap jacks yuk yuk yuk... maybe the pharmasist is doing you a favour! (sorry to hear tht thou.. if u like them :() xx
I cant believe someone likes the flap jacks! i thought they were the vilest things ever!


I will do this!!!
Oh yes your definatly mistaken!!! you never know you might be in the 1% of people who actually like them!
Thanks guys, hmmm, tbh, I haven't tried them, I was just looking forward to a change:eek: It sounds like I am mistaken though...
i must say you arent missing on anything i took one bite and spat it out and out rest in the bin. hope you manage to get one to try though hun xx


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Oh dear, why did I want them?
Floor tile + salt + overcooked peanuts + chemicals
Tell me about it... I used to have flapjacks when I just wanted to chew, hoping each time they'd somehow taste better than the last but they wouldn't! Might be worth trying to toast them -makes them a bit more crunchy and warm


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I like them too, with a coffee and a large glass of water. I bought 2 weeks at the chemist last week, they had got stuff in and i thought bugger it i'm getting 2 weeks worth, a few days before i go in next time i may ring with my order so they can get my food in! i dont see why they dont get more in, they must have so many people dropping out.

now with people wanting to lose weight for xmas, they will get more busy, as soon as the xmas stuff is all over the shops people will think about it and all the stock will go!

then again in the new year! we will have to be a bit cute and re-order our stuff early! ;)

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