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i'm so upset and gutted

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I finished a degree in history in may this year and wanted to go and do teacher training a pgce in september but ive just had letter my application has not been accepted due to lack of experience in a school enviroment. I just feel like going and buying a pack of twenty fags (gave up 5 weeks ago) and loads of junk food and just having a big binge i think i need to apologise to the admissions assistant as i was crying down the phone she couldnt understand me :cry::(
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I can understand why you are feeling down. But you can do something about it. Start going into schools and observe, help or anything the school will let you do. And all this experience will be great on your application form for next year.

I know of so many who get turned down for this reason.

I got turned down the first year and went into 3 schools during the year and got accepted the next year.

Irene xx
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Thankyou hun i have been trying all year to get a position in a school even my childrens school but nothing has come up yet, i will just have to keep trying. Im just so dissapointed as my husband is doing a PGCE at the moment teaching adults and we were planning on moving back to the Midlands to be near my family when i had completed mine.


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Don't let this set back put you off, go and get your experience in a school... a years not long.

Take it from someone who knows, I wanted to be a social worker having spent years working in mental health and bail hostel places. Uni refused to take me because I had not worked in care work for 5 years as I spent time raising the kids.

They wanted me to do loads of volunteer work but, I had 3 young children and worked full time at night and went to college through the day.

So I jumped on another degree course thinking it was a back door in, it wasn't, now i'm 41 and no longer have the time or the finaces to go back.

I need to find a full time job, so my dreams are dashed I fear.

I so wish I had taken the year to get some more experience.

Good luck and keep reaching for your dreams and prepare yourself for your entry to uni, it will happen, just take the extra time you need.
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Also helping out at a youth club, brownies or scouts will count. You could also join a scheme to help out young carers, taking them on days out and the like. That is what my sister did, it worked for her. Good Luck.
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thanks for the advice im in a similar situation though i have 3 kids and i need to find a paying job as my husband is on a low income and we are really struggling at the moment ive been applying for every job going but i have had not one reply its really depressing. I will speak to the school tommorow and see if they have had anything come up yet. I think a friend of a friend runs a brownies group so will ask her aswell.


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Have you looked into the Graduate Teacher Programme in your area? I'm applying for it for next September at 3 different LEA/colleges. You have to have a degree in a relevant subject (are you wanting primary or secondary school?). I'm applying as I have a teaching degree but it is from the USA. You also get paid for the year at about £15k which is great for those who need to earn whilst they train. You might still have time to apply for next September as one of my applications has to be in by end of December and the other 2 not until about February. Definitely worth looking into!!
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I have a degree in History but wanted to do primary school but i'm now thinking maybe it would be easier to get into secondary. I will have a look into it today thanks for giving me that info.


I will succeed!!!
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Can't really add to the great advice above, but I just wanted to wish you luck in this. Don't let it ruin how you're feeling and achieving in other areas (diet and not smoking) honey, just dust self off and fight back!

Hugs to you xxx
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Can't add anymore to the advice, just don't let it ruin all your good work so far, its not worth it and won't fix the situation. Everything will work out eventually. Good luck xxx


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I was in a similar position 2 years ago, I applied to do a Primary PGCE to start straight after graduating. Had 2 interviews, and failed both, and this was with some volunteering experience and doing the Students Associates Scheme (a 15 day paid placement organised by the university). I was gutted, but determined to become a teacher. I applied for a teaching assistant job, and was amazed when I got an interview and then offered the position. I did my TA Level 3 part time to bump up my qualifications. Last September (2008) I decided to apply again but this time at a different university. I got offered an interview and this time I felt so much more confident because my experience was a lot more substantial and I felt I had a lot more to say this time round. I was offered a place, and I started this September. It's hard work but I'm really enjoying being in school and I'm glad I took time out to build up my experience.

Don't give up! Use the time wisely to gain more experience, paid or voluntary, as this will strengthen your application and you can talk and reflect about your experiences in school at interview. If you need any help or advice please shout up - I know how you're feeling!

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