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im so weak :(

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
i was doing so well, and thought it was going to be ok, but then i had to work late and didnt get back home at my normal time....and on the way home i was so weak, dizzy, i nearly crashed the car cos my concentration levels are so low, so i stopped at the shop, cos i had to eat something and bought some mini chicken fillets.

now i feel really bad :( how much will this effect everything? was i feeling so bad because of the ketosis kicking in??

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Oh well at least u didnt eat any carbs so hopefully you will still get into ketosis soon... once u are there babe its like heaven.... although be aware that i think the first 21 days u still have some emotional demons to conquer and then after that its a piece of piss!

Hope u are feeling well xox
Pixie, at least you stuck to protein, these things happen and, as Julz says, it shouldn't affect you getting into ketosis.

How many shakes had you had by the time you drove home? Always make sure you have an extra one in your bag incase you have to work late again.

Good luck hun. Hang in there.



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Oh thats terrible. I hope u can do this diet as its not for everyone. Chicken was ok, at least u ate the right kind of food. Hang on in there girl. Give it another shot.


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Don't worry, I think you did the right thing, if you couldn't drive!! you did choose the right food, so hopefully shouldn't affect you being in ketosis too much. Don't feel bad, just think positive!!

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
hey guys, thanks for the support.

i feel really bad and like i have failed but im not gonna let myself down that easily.

when i collected my stuff they told me that if i really really gotta cheat i should have ham or chicken, so thats why i went for chicken.

should i have the other two shakes now today or just one other?

tomorrow im going to take a vanilla shake and split it into two then have it throughout the morning hot with coffee, hopefully i will be ok then.

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
ah ok satty, thanks, will just try and stick to normal portions then. im gonna try making the vanilla one as a hot coffee now as i think this may be achievable at work.

i also just tested for ketones and it was bright purple so that explains a lot, but im only on day two. at least its happened quicker so it will probably pass quicker and hopefully by first weigh in i will be flying :)
Pixie, it's great to hear that you are now in ketosis but you shouldn't test as bright purple, this means you are not drinking enough water. The ketostix will be darker in the morning but still should never be darker than light pink.

Up your water intake and good luck to you. You're over the first hurdle.


*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
i have only had about 1.5 litres today so gonna drink constantly for the rest of the evening and have a good flush out.

i must admit to being concerned that i have gone into ketosis and it seems quite strong after just one day though :confused:
Maybe you didn't have many carbs in the run up to starting LT? That could be why you got into ketosis so quickly.

Don't flood your body with water, just sip it throughout the evening.

deep fried mini chicken was it, with chips and a gallon of coke. Well done good effort on trying to stuff ya diet up, now you need to get a grip of yourself and plod on where you left off.
ps but if you nearly crashed after feeling dizzy, weak and low concentration levels I should stop driving for now as thats similar symptoms to drink driving!!

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
yeah that could be it, been doing slimfast before this with not much success which was way too slow.

am just sipping now and gonna have an early night so hopefully will feel much better tomorrow
good for you, you will feel better tomorrow on your fresh start, now be good xx
Im sorry im just like that, I love you all really xxx

*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
after reading some of the posts i think i got off quite lightly hehe :eek:
not next time you wont you bad girl, and you can wipe that smile off your face young lady and get ready for an early night!!!!
I love it when you're all masterful Gaz!


*Pink Pixie*

on the road to slimdom
not next time you wont you bad girl, and you can wipe that smile off your face young lady and get ready for an early night!!!!
hehehe that could well have been the best offer i had all week :p

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