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i'm startin to slip. weight loss has slowed down sooo much

i just wondered wot u do wen u get 2 this point. been on sw a few months now and only lost 1lb last month. its put a real downer on me. lol. i hav soooooo much to lose an i'm 26 already so i keep thinkin....by the time i get 2 target, i'll be nearly dead. pmsl. i'm sticking to it an everything and know why my loss was so small last month (medical) but still i want this weight to just leave. lol rant over :)
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oh, i got weighed yesturday an lost 2lb so i'm happy with that but i dunno wots up with me. i just keep doubting i will ever get there.
i know how you feel hun i only lost 2lb in june too, it feel like ive been doing sw forever and i ahvent even lost 1 stone yet! if you enjoy the plan stick at it if not then mabe you should look elsewhere

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need 2get my head into it
ha ha if your going to be dead soon im far closer to the grave than you....iv been doing SW for over a year and sometimes (in fact most of the time recently- see thread Need someone and general chit chat) i just think 'whats the point'.

we all have diffrent reasons for doing it, you need to focus on why you started and the fact you weigh less now than at the begining and less than if you were not doing anything at all. its also a healthy way of loosing weight so your less likely to pile it all back on again.

take a piccy of you now to remind yourself later of how far you have come. write down when you feel good and why so you can look back on this in the hard times and keep comin on here, we will look after you.

you can do this!


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I really can't say this enough - This is a lifestyle plan and not a quick fix diet. If you lose little one month just look back at what was going on for you and see if there is anything you can change. You say it was medical, there's your answer! Not much you can do about it but you are minus a lb you would still have if you hadn't been following SW! x


rainbows holiday buddy :)
don't fret! i've had a crap month too. i was having a nice steady loss every week for a few months, then i had 4 days of plan over a long weekend and i went AWOL(missed class as i know i'd put on about 5 lbs), a maintain the following week, 1.5lbs on, 0.5lb off

...and i've just had a 3lb loss, which has really made me glad that i didn't throw the towel in, as i usually do. i've been overweight for over 10 years and the only thing causing it is me! so i decided to start my own diary and kept at it and now i've had a great result so it was worth spending all the time i do on here.

stick at it. if you're not seeing the results you want then look into doing success express for 2 or 3 days to see if that makes a difference.
I too am in a similar situation - but stick at it and we'll get there! xxx
ur all right. i need a good slap. lol i have a pic from when i started and i pic just taken at a friends and even tho i havnt lost much, i can really see the difference and other people are starting to notice aswell. the more i put in the moe i'll get out. well said. i will get there and when i do its gonna be the happiest day ever. and i know this isnt a diet but a life style. i pretty much know it off by heart. i only ever check for syns and am eating way healthier. i'm in it for the long hall. lol

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