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Im struggling!


likes posting.
:cry:I started nibbling last week, then since thursday its really gone down hill.I cant seem too stop. Last year when i did lighterlife i never touched a crumb in 5 months.:break_diet:
I really want too do this as im going on holiday in may, also i love the feeling of been slim & buying lovely clothes. It just seems like ive learned nothing at all.Im going too try & get back on too it.
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Oh Eileen,
We all know what its like to fall off the wagon,but climb back aboard and try and keep looking towards the goal.
I try and always ask myself before I put something in my mouth"in an hours time how am I going to feel about the fact that I ate that!" and I know the answer is s**t.(It doesn't always work though!LOL)



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Come on Eileen. Come ON!!!
You can do it. Head down, spend as much time on this forum as you can and have a drink of water after every entry you read! The tme flies by and you wull have drunk lots and spent no time eating!

Deb G

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Eileen - if you still have your LL workbooks, read back through them and use the techniques we learned - keep thought records, and activate the adult in you!

Good luck.....and keep trying!


Just call me Anne x
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I blame the rotten weather, it is so depressing!
Search the internet and look up your holiday destination, having a picture in your head might help xx


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Oh hun, Sorry you're feeling disheartened. But take it from one who knows, if you don't get back on it asap it just gets harder. Hope you feel more positive soon. xx
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i too am struggling,so angry with myself,b4 xmas i was doing good,then ate at xmas and blown it,dont think ive managed a week on ss yet as been nibbling.......
It is so much harder the second time around! I know i'm there. But you have to keep trying! We know what it feels like slim so we can do it!!! WE CAN!!! Wish you luck xx


likes posting.
Thanks everyone. Im doing ok just taken my son the the cinema & didnt have a thing, i wanted some of his popcorn but he wouldnt let me lol.I want this so bad i want to be at goal, also i want too go too my gp & make him do something about my hip & back im in a lot of pain, at least if im at goal he wont be able too blame my weight.Good luck everyone im sure we can do it together.
Hi, Chinny here im really struggling to start SS, any tips i really have to do this i feel tota;;y angry with myself because so many people are routing for me especially my councillor.
Hiya,sory to hear you are having problems.I did CD last year and put the weight back on but am finding it really hard this this time round.I did eat yesterday but today have felt awfull for it so think(hope ) I have learnt my lesson.Good Luck cddietgal x

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