Im sure this question has been asking already but...

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  1. shivers1

    shivers1 This year is my year....

    Hiya Guys,

    Starting Day 3 today and i still feel great. No headaches, no hunger and im only tired because my youngest decided she wanted to use her bed as a trampoline at 5am this morning!

    How do i know when i am in Ketosis? I have'nt drunk very much water either:rolleyes: (yes, you can all tell me off) as i keep forgetting to drink it!!!

    Apologies for the silly question. Its probably been asked a million times on this site before....
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  3. cuddlyfairy

    cuddlyfairy Gold Member

    Not a silly question, we all ask it when we start.

    Furry tongue, bad halitosis, plants die when you breathe on them, more energy and no hunger.

    I'm sure someone will tell you of any other signs but they are pretty much it. People avoiding your breath is a sure sign! Children are good for this one - "mum, your breathe stinks" - is the subtle way my youngest told me last time!!! Lol!

  4. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    bad breath, no hunger, feeling energized are all good signs, especially if you have all 3!

    You can also buy some Ketostix from your pharmacy, pee'ing on one will tell you by the colour change if you are in Keto or not :)
  5. LondonIrishOllie

    LondonIrishOllie Pensively Posting

    lol if you were on no diet you would still be tired after being woken up at 5am so don't worry.. ketostix are the best way I hear
  6. shivers1

    shivers1 This year is my year....

    Perfect. Thanks! I'll ask my hubbie for an honest opinion of my breathe!! LOL! I'll get some of those Ketostix things too tomorrow.

    As for the energy levels, i dont feel like an Energizer Bunny or anything! But i have managed to cook my girls meals for the week and have sorted the washing for ironing this morning.......
  7. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    Trust me, when you're in full-on Keto you won't need anyone's opinion, you can tell yourself all the time but the horrid taste in your mouth :(

    Mouthwash, brushing teeth, listerine strips and plenty of water help loads, though morning breath is going to be the worst of your life - it's what makes me get up so quick in the mornings now, soon as I'm awake I'm desperate to brush my teeth! lol :p
  8. shivers1

    shivers1 This year is my year....

    Oh no.... How long does the smelly breathe last!!??? Im back to work on Wednesday and im sure my staff would not be impressed!!! ha ha!!! Im must get some of those Listerine strips anyway. I have Listerine in my desk in my office anyway cos i am really over the top about keeping my teeth clean...(come to think of it, i also have a funsize pack of Maltesers and 4 bags of Crisps!!!!! Think they need to go in the bin!! LOL).

    Please tell me if will have eased off by Wednesday?!
  9. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    Sorry to say it, but the bad breath lasts as long as you are in Ketosis.

    It comes from the Ketones that are produced by the rapid breaking down of fats. So as long as you are in Ketosis, Ketones will be present in your breath.

  10. shivers1

    shivers1 This year is my year....

  11. pete10141748

    pete10141748 Postaholic

    It's a small price to pay, believe me.
    And as said, so long as you regularly drink water, have some of the strips or mouthwash handy, and you'll be fine.

    If you plan on kissing anyone, you might want to have a strip or two right beforehand though..... and the furry tongue feeling doesn't go away even with mouthwash :(
  12. mattbibby

    mattbibby Member


    Had so much experience on this diet now... lol

    Tips for getting on with stuff...

    -Bulk Buy the Dentyne
    Dentyne Cinnamon 20 sticks x 12 packs £20.40 |

    - Keep a bottle of Dentyl at Work... Cherry is the nicest

    - Brush when you can

    And you should deffo be in Ketosis after 3 days... I usually fall into Ketosis after 36 hours. I know because I feel rubbish on the the first night and the next morning. Buy the 2nd day dinner time I get some energy back and my girlfriend usually buys me some Dentyl as nice way of saying "You Stink" lol.

  13. loulouless

    loulouless Is a loser :)

    Agreed small price to pay for the weight loss, I have the strips and mouthwash at work, use euthymol brilliant natural pink toothpaste that actually does leave your mouth zinging!
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