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im very new to this

Good luck hunni.xx It may sound comfusing but really its simple you replace your meals with shakes and drink a load of water and you lose your weight.lol. ( well it dose sound easy dosnt it).lol.x
im sure she will explain everything. its not that difficult to get to grips with. any questions after u have spoken to her, or b4 u speak to her... ask away, im sure someone will be able to help u
Good luck with it - A very low calorie diet is a diet like no other. I have always done things like SW and WW - but it's so different, but it really works, which is fab!!

lots of luck x
hope you find your answers but it is as simple as have 3/4 shakes a day, no food, loads of water and watch the fat melt away x
Hiya :)

I'm new too, on day 5 and so far so good.

Good luck with your research and whatever you decide to do.

Laura x


Loves being slim!
I hope she answers your questions.
It really is simple and once you get through the 1st week, really easy and you genuinely only feel like eating when you are hungry (I wait till my stomach rumbles now rather than I just fancy food.)

Best advice is be determined, it's not like any other diet. The first 2 days you'll want to do it and have that new diet determination to get you through, when you want to cheat. If you are really committed you will.

After that it really is easy to not see getting through the week, beleive me, if you are used to eating when and what you want it's hard to get past it.

If you've cut down the carbs before, then day 3 or 4 should be easier as you'll hit ketosis. But if like me you are on the champagne and sambucca till 2 days before, whilst still eating pasta, and wedding/birthday party food the night before, then you might find it takes till day 6 to suddenly realise you can do it. I will not lie, I was starving and ready to quit at one point. I thought I'd never manage to get there!

BUT then you get weighed and discuss the week with the councillor, and you realise it wasn't so bad, you can get through days with ease. It's just your own willpower can fail if you aren't careful. We all have bad days, and think "Sod it, I'll just have a bit/chocolate/anything!" Same as giving up smoking. Sometimes you can resist other days you might not, that doesn't make you weak or bad. (See Sarians Post about what happens if you do slip, that put me right off as well!)

I'm on day 12 and to be honest now it's just routine. I get up and have a shake, any time from 12.30 onwards another shake. Have dinner from 4.30 onwards depending on when I get home/am hungry (Chicken and veg or whatever.) and then I have a CD bar with a cuppa at night.8.30 onwards.

To tell you the truth, I could cope without the meal now if I felt I needed to, but I'm doing SS+ and it works fine. (that first week I needed that meal like I needed oxygen!) I'm not starving at any point.

My clothes are too big, and I can see my feet.

I hope you see the benefits, and get as much out of it as I am. Plus you get to post here, which is brilliant! I am happier on this diet than any other I've ever tried, and it works just as it claims to.
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Good Luck if you decide to go for it!

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