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Attack In preparation to start Dukan on Monday


I know it sounds terrible to start like that.... "on Monday" but I am really going to do it. I am changing my life quite a lot... I am going back to work after maternity leave, and I think it will be easier being busier and out of the house.
I have slowly lost arround 6-7 kilograms since I gave birth, but now I really want to get in good shape before my son´s first birthday.
I need to loose 11k in 3 months.

Does anyone want to start on Monday with me?
I think I have to do 2 days attack -according to Dukans website. I am not getting the coaching as it is a bit pricey for me right now.

I am planning to write down in this diary what I am eating, how I am feeling and any cheap recipes I can think of. Your cheap recipes/product/ideas will be very welcome too.

Have a nice weekend and I will start my diary on Monday.

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Hi and welcome:D

11 kilos in 3 months is definitely doable (I lost just under 10 in a bit less than 3 months but had a holiday and a few weekends on conso in there too).

Have you bought the book? If not, would strongly advise it. There's a recipe section on here and lots of support. I'd not have managed on my own, they're a great bunch here.

Have you bought your oatbran (not porridge oats)? You can get it in some supermarkets or health food places.

Good luck for Monday:).
Hi Laura,
Thank you for your reply. I have not done my shopping yet. I need to make it on Sunday. And I have the book, the one with the recipes that you were telling me about. I am very excited about it.
You have done great, I hope I can too!


Goat herder(ess)
Hello, Sirenita. I'm sure you'll do very well. As we keep on saying, preparation is the key. If you're well-prepared, then it makes life on the Dukan diet so much better and easier.

Don't worry about that expensive coaching on the website. It's not necessary at all. If you have any questions or worries, just post them on this forum and someone should be able to help or advise you.

Good luck!


** Chief WITCH **
Hello Sirenita, and welcome to the board...

The main tips are to read at least the first two phases of the books, empty your cupboards of tempting foodstuffs before you start, empty your diary of difficult situations for a week or so until you're in the swing of it, find your oatbran, plan your menus in advance, and get organised.

Organisation really is key in this diet because, on a day when you mightn't have planned enough lunch or dinner, it's not always easy to find something in a shop/restaurant that's suitable.

Some say the diet is expensive, but if you check out the special offers and buy in bulk then, and avoid packs of ham, crabsticks etc and cook your own chicken, and recipes, it's fine.

Feel free to post your menus so that we check them over for you.

There's a thread of special offers, and there's something on chicken somewhere I remember reading - valid to Sunday.
I´ve done my shopping today. Just need to find the oat bran and wheat bran. I am only eating fruit during the day and pizza for dinner, as I know I will miss both very much from Monday.
I´ve seen Anja´s Bread recipe, it does look nice! That is from Cruise, so not too long to wait for it.
Have a lovely weekend all of you.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Sirenita - you can make the microwave version of the bread in attack too, just use your 1.5 TB oatbran, no wheat and adjust/halve the egg & quark, to get a reasonable droopy consistency before microwaving.

Good luck with your last bits of shopping. Tesco or Holland & Barret should be able to sort you out!

And yes pizza! I think I have now had ONE or two (when I was allowed to) since embarking on this adventure last June!


** Chief WITCH **
How are things?
Hello, Hope you all had a lovely weekend.
I have succesfully completed day 1 of Atack. This was my menu:
0% Yogurt and Tea with skimmed milk.
Grilled chicken and 0% Formage Frais
2 bolied eggs and 0% Formage Frais.
Late snack:
2 extra light laughing cow cheese + 0% Yogurt and 2 Tbs Oatbran.

I did not have my oatbran earlier because I forgot to pack it, so just could have it when I got home.

I know it is silly but I weighted myself in the morning on an empty stomack.... 68.2kg
and in the evening on a full stomack........................................................67.1kg
How incredible is that???


** Chief WITCH **
Sirenita - check out our menu thread (and our recipe thread)! Your dinner is rather lacking in imagination and you'll soon bore (and starve?!). Can you fill out your User CP too (top of page, blue bar)?

Is your goal weight realistic? Have you calculated your Dukan true weight on the official website?

Good luck for a more adventurous day 2
Going for the 2nd day!

Hello again.
I know yesterday´s menu was a bit boring, but as I spent all day out I find it much easier to stick to whatever I have packed. That is the good thing of going back to work.
My baby was really good and did not mind to stay at the grandparents at all, so I did not have to worry much.
Today I am at home, so I need to have some more interesting food
2 egg tuna omelette + nettle tea + yoghurt.

steak with low fat cheese and dukan bread

Roast chicken and formage fraiche.


grammar police
Hi sirenita, and welcome. What is the low fat cheese you refer to? Unless it's quark which is virtually fat free it's not allowed I'm afraid. Best to steer clear of cheese altogether, it's too much of a minefield!
Low fat cheese

Hello Emma, Thanks for reviewing my menu.
I was thinking of Extra Light laughing cow. I had 2 yesterday.
Do you think I shouldn´t? There is 0.3g of fat in each piece....


** Chief WITCH **
Good job DD and Emma are eagle eyed... I missed that this morning (well it was 6.30am!)

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