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In search of the skinny girl....again!


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Hey guys and gals...I'm back!!

Had a few really bad weeks and had considered trying pro points but after a good look at it - no thanks!!! The ww site is brill but that's about it.

So I'm here....crawling back to SW in an attempt to finally shed some lbs...don't they say 3rd time lucky??

Hope everyone is well....


As suggested by the lovely gail, here is a "contents" of all my various recipes! Hopefully it'll help you find stuff!!

Jerk Chicken - Page 1 Post 3
Jo's Tuna Bake - Page 1 Post 8
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Day One Back on Plan...

Day one back on plan...I feel totally like a newie all over again....all I think about is food...remember those early days?!

So here's what I've eaten...

Coco Pops - 30g 5.5 syns (wow that's a lot...might have to curb my coco pops habit...) plus HEXa milk

Batchelors Super Noodles (freeee :))

Muller Light with various fruit....free

Jerk Chicken 0 syns


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Jerk Chicken - Syn Free

Ingredients (for one)

1 can of chopped tomatoes
1/2 red onion
1 pepper (yellow, orange or red)
1/4 sachet of Schwartz Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
Garlic, chilli and mixed herbs

Fry off the chicken in fry light. Add the seasoning, red onion, peppers and chopped tomatoes. Bring to the boil then simmer, covered for 15 minutes. Stir in the pineapple off the heat so it's not cooked.

Slice the potatoes into thin slices and season with garlic chilli and herbs. Cook in the oven for around 25 minutes until crispy.


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thanks guys :) i'll stick all my recipes in here as I go along...it's always nice to have a bit of new inspiration! plus i often make things up as i go along so it will be good for my own records...

i'm happy to be back. feel all in control again now :)


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Feeling good about being back today :)

Todays food diary is below:

B - 100ml skimmed milk (some of hexa) and coco pops (5.5 syns)
L - supernoodles and fruit with yoghurt
Snack - hexb roll, superspeed soup
D - Jo's Tuna Pasta Bake (syn free plus rest of hexa)...invented this one myself...will post recipe in a bit
Snacks - banana and apple

Exercise - 45mins zumba

Couldn't stomach running today. Zumba killed me :( I realise I'm putting far too much effort in to start and not only that had no aircon which makes all the difference. Back to running tomorrow though :)

I'll stick the bake recipe up in a mo.

When I weighed myself on friday I was 172lbs. It'll be interesting to see what I am tomorrow morning on my proper weigh in.

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Jo's Homemade Tuna Bake

Right, well I knocked this together because I was craving tuna and pasta....but wanted to do it a bit more exciting...this serves 1 but I ate it all because I was REALLY hungry!

1 red onion
1 tin chopped tomatoes
Loads of sweetcorn
2 x tins of tuna
Hexa cheddar x 2

1: Put pyrex dish in oven on 180 degrees to warm up.

2: Boil pasta. Whilst doing this, fry the onion in frylight then add the tinned tomatoes and finally the sweetcorn and tuna and bring to the boil then simmer.

3: Drain the pasta then mix in with the tuna, tomatoes and sweetcorn. Cover in cheese then bake for 10 minutes.
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Feeling pretty good about weigh in today! Will have it as soon as I can be bothered to get out of bed! Teehee!!!

I'm a bit confused as to what my actual start weight was - my sig says 172 and my stats say 174...I think it was 172 because I was 12st4...I'm sure of it...

Oh well...looking forward to it after two days 100% :)



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Good luck and welcome back Jo.

Just a thought. As you do nice food and are posting your recipes here, is it worth adding the recipes in here and what post number they are as you go along into your first post. Therefore we can see where they are from the first post rather than having to search the whole of your diary when you have pages and pages (as you will do :D). Sorry if that's a bit cheeky :eek: but I know that you do good recipes and I would like to be able to find them. (hopefully you take that in the spirit that it was meant :cool:)

Look forward to hearing your WI.

Gail x
oooohh good idea!! yeah I'll do that! going to merve the food diary and recipe thread as well as i always forget to maintain both!!!

glad to be back gail!

i weighed in at 172.5 on thursday and friday. this morning, after two days back on plan, i am weighing in at 169.5 :) i am so happy!!!!! the kick up the bum i needed :)



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Yay. Great start Jo. I'm delighted for you :)

Gail x

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sorry I've been quiet....mum has been up so been eating out and not on plan at all........having said that...most damage done last night when I had my pizza feast with my mate!!!! *hangs head in shame*....

not bad though...only 0.5lbs on so it's nothing I can't handle!

Looking forward to a lazy sunday...might get out the wii zumba but might not....really got sunday blues as last day off before i go back to work.

back on plan today though :)



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Pizza feast is done now, so, as you say back on plan today;)

Think I might dig out the Wii Zumba today, as I could do with a little help before WI on Tuesday.
oh dear oh dear.....didn't last long did it? I was sort of maintaining...maybe only creeping up 1/2lb, but thanks to hotels, yet again I'm up to 174. I hate this so much. Really struggling with the whole hotel thing. I have a really dull menu too which is why I think I'm being so distracted by the nice stuff on it and not the nice healthy stuff.....it's so hard at the moment :(

I really do need to start trying again. I'm in the hotel and I'm miserable and then I only get more miserable because of my weight.

I went to Alton Towers yesterday and the pictures that come up on the rides and stuff really do give you an idea of your size.....it's horrible. I know they're not the most flattering in the world but still...it's not nice to see at all so hopefully that's the kick up the back end I need.

So....tonight, I'm going to see if the hotel has anything like jacket potatoes going on or something and I'll take a trip over the road to aldi (quite handy having an aldi opposite the hotel!) for some fruit and stuff. Hopefully with enough fruit that will speed things up.

I'm being really good on my lunches. I've got tins of no drain tuna, two finger kit kats and loads of salad...it's breakfast and evenings I fall down. It doesn't help room service breakfast comes with two croissants and about 5 pastries!!!! Maybe rather than deprive myself completely I'll treat myself to one bad breakfast a week.

Going to try to get back into the gym and running as well. I've got my laptop and can watch zumba dvd off that so that will defo be something. Will just have to keep trying. I want to lose a stone for Christmas though :) that'll be nice! 160lbs for Christmas would be a nice present....then it's just hoping I can keep it up into the new year. But one goal at a time.....x
I've been good the last couple of days. Here's my food diary which isn't perfect but it's a huge step in the right direction from where I have been...

Monday was a complete right off....

B - Coco Pops and Semi Skimmed Milk (5.5 syns and part of HEXa)
L - Leak and Potato Soup and Brown Bread (0 syns and HEXb)
D - Salad and Chicken with Balsamic Vinegar as a dressing and Corn on the Cob - dessert of fruit salad and one scoop of vanilla ice cream on top.

Snacks are where I went wrong today but it's a darn sight better than it's been...Apple, Banana, Grapes, Marshmallows (at least 20 syns worth...oops), Crisps (7 syns)

Exercise - 10 mins on treadmill and 10 mins on bike totalling about 150 cals if I'm lucky!!!! Jeeeezzz...

Sounds horrendous but still better than I have been.

Yesterday was better:
B - coco pops and semi skimmed milk (5.5 syns and HEXa)
L - Spinach, tuna and balsamic vinegar, muller light
D - Jacket and beans with massive lettuce and red onion salad
Snacks - graze box arrived (using 1syn - 20 cal rule, at most 35 syns and pacing myself through it each day...I know people on here have slated them but if I then flexi syn it, it still allows me 10 syns per day..), apple, banana, crisps (7 syns)...

Exercise - 40 mins Zumba

So better but still not cracking that 15 syns rule...although a lot closer.

B - 2 x brown bread (HEXb) fat free bacon...dollop of TK (1syn)
L - Spinach, tuna balsamic vinegar....crisps (7 syns)
D - Chicken salad with balsamic vinegar
Snacks - apple, banana, muller light, fun size choc (7syns)

Bang on 15 on this one but doesn't account for my graze...the point is though. Even though I'm not 100% on plan, it's miles better than I was doing. I'll do some hotel zumba again tonight. I was exhausted from it yesterday. My chest has started feeling tight when I exercise. Think it's from heat and I've got dead unfit in the last little while....

Watch this space....I want to be 100% tomorrow :) I've already planned it:

B - coco pops and milk (HEXa, 5.5 syns)
L - tuna and spinach again
D - pea and pesto risotto (4 syns)

I'll post the pea and pesto risotto recipe up tomorrow. I might even have this as a green day tomorrow which will give me an extra HEXa and b....
Well yesterday didn't go according to plan. Today is the day though. I'm feeling motivated and ready for it finally. I've had the great news that I'm probably only going to have another couple of nights in hotels which isn't going to make me so much happier, in large parts down to the fact that I will be able to control my food and spend more time exercising :)

So....today....here's my food diary...

Breakfast - HEXb roll with 2 x ww sausages (1 syns...0.5 each), plus cheese slice HEXa, 1 dollop of TK (1syn) fried egg

Lunch - noodles, cheese HEXa, ham

Dinner - KFC chicken with slimming world chips, plus green salad with red onion and balsamic vinegar

Snacks - crunch choc ice (7 syns....last one in the freezer needed to get rid!), banana and apple

TOTAL of 9 syns!! Yay me!!!!

Weigh in day is Sunday. This morning I was 175lbs but that was after breakfast so I'm guessing maybe 173.5/174.

Exercise - 45mins Zumba class which killed me I might add!!! I have got so unfit!!!! Back to the regular zumba classes and wii zumba for me!!!!


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Oh dear oh dear.....and here I am again.......

I re-joined SW in January this year. THIS IS THE YEAR I WILL FIND THE SKINNY GIRL!!!! I did alright. Got back down to 11st 10lb and then it all went out the window. I won't bore you with the details. Until it seems like I put on half a stone over night. It's funny that moment of realisation that you really need to get back to it isn't it. Mine was yesterday morning. I had a bad first day yesterday. Better than my munch out on Tuesday night but not perfect. Determination has set in today though. I WILL be skinny. Going to try my hardest to maintain my food diary on here. When I've used this in the past it has done me the world of good so I shall be on it now! I WILL do this!!!!



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Today's Food Diary so far....

Breakfast - HEXb Bread, Scrap of low fat spread (3 syns), Banana
Lunch - Salad - lettuce/rocket, carrot, red onion, sweetcorn, ham, cheese (hexa)
Snack - Curly Wurly (6 syns)

Dinner Plans -
Steak, Slimming World Chips and Salad

Let's see if I stick...... ;)



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So to add......

Strawberries and Raspberries with Fat Free Yoghurt
Chocolate coated HobNob 5 syns
Mug Shot Syn Free

Dinner is a-cooking! x

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