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Increasing my syn intake


bye bye baby tummy
I was going to email my consultant but i feel i sound bonkers emailing this so ill ask on here...

I eat on average 5-7 syns a day, I read that people actually do better on 10+ syns and i would like to get to that im doing pretty darn well but, if i hit a wall i would like to be able to cut down syns to try and boost iykwim

my 5-7 syns are usually, things ive added on just to give me some syns, a hi-fi bar and hot choc usually

i dont use butter I use quark for butter and pretty much everything lol

I am doing a mix of EE and green/original

i have some dietry problems, I cant eat red meat other then small amount of mince (sets off IBS) and I can not have dairy other then 1 portion of cheese/yougurt a day no other kinds of dairy because the lactose is too high i get really quite poorly (so no chocolate lol)

(For Hex A i always have 250ml rice milk)

I could easily live off 0 syns i think all my meals are pretty much syn free

i really struggle with what else i can add to boost it, obviously i dont want to end up over eating to do it
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Packet of crisps? Pink wafer? Another Cereal bar?

I'm struggling because my first response is chocolate!!! Lol

Do you enjoy a drink? Wine or cider or a spirit?

What about some boiled or fruity sweets? Fruit pastilles and the like?

Hth and sorry I couldn't offer much xx

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I always added crisps or had another small meal of something like tinned ravioli to get me over 8 syns a day :)


bye bye baby tummy
ooo i like pink wafers going to add them to the shopping now lol

I dont really drink, i have 3 kids under 5 so is hard to hit the alca-ma-hole and i dont like non diet fizzy drinks lol or i would chuck in a glass of fizzy lol

Im doing EE now to try and see if i will use more as ive less Hex but i never really used all my Hex anyway lol

I never thought i would be worried about not having enough treats haha but after i lived dairy,soy,egg free for 3 months i got used to the no treats lol


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Why don't you cook with olive oil occassionally instead of frylight? 1 tablespoon is 6 syns. Or bertolli do a spray with is 1 syn for 4 sprays. Maybe add gravy to meals, or have the occasional glass if wine?
Hi there

I use oil instead of sprays, avocado :eat:, nuts, all use syns without adding lots of extra bulk
I don't know if this will help but I used to know a vegan.... so no dairy etc..... but she could eat Fry Chocolate Creams bars. No animal involved. Might help if you have a bit of a sweet tooth.

Just a thought....

goes back to hiding


bye bye baby tummy
Ive got some flaxseed, ive got it to use as an egg replacement for my baby

and i could defo eat the frys chocolate crisp just checked i can just syn it and then break it and have a bit a day

I dont like olive oil lol but i got seeds and stuff too i didnt think of using them

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