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Info Please

Hi Trudz,

I feel like that quite often on SS and I think its largely down to not drinking enough. That said, I still feel that way after drinking more than the RDA of water, and its the reason why I quit this the first time around. I found my brain turned to mush a bit and wasn't as fired up as I normally am. My mum said she could tell when I was SSing as I was slower and sounded tired on the phone.

Supposedly when in ketosis you are supposed to have more energy but it doesnt seem to work that way for me. It will be interesting to see what others have to say on this subject!

I can't say if its normal but I know that during weeks 2 & 3 I felt like I'd run a marathon just walking up the stairs! Struggled staying awake some evenings too. I keep staying up until 4am & have the energy of a red setter now, 40 days in, so hopefully it should pass.


Wants to be a loser!
Myrtlemoo - Is your friend exercising or do they have a physical job?

Before I started CD I was going to the gym regularly and doing a 2 hourworkout with an hour of cardio and another of weights/stretching. Although Cambridge says if you are already exercising before you start SS it is ok to continue I found that trying to exercise vigorously while of SS left me feeling terrible and really run down.

Just a thought - I hope he feels better soon.

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