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Byebye bingo wings

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Whoa... he is an absolute fitty now! I would!
Unbelievable...I worked it out to be almost 27 stone. I'd be interested to know which diet he did!


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Wooooooooooooooooow.... Amazing... Just amazing..


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whoot whoot, i agree he is a hottie!!

Isn't it amazing what the body will recover from? all that weight, weight loss, surgery - blimmin amazing!! More power to ya brother!


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Just as well he is such a looker as those surgery pics are gross! That is an amazing story, i hope he keeps well and enjoys his new look.


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Woah! That is amazing... deffo fit as!

Scary thought with the skin .... I know that's a massive amount of weight though! Well done him


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flipping heck - he is inspirational to the max