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Interesting facts about your hometown..


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My home town is Coventry (which is actually a city..!!)... home to Lady Godiva who rode on a white horse naked through the strees of Coventry with only her long blonde hair covering her 'bits'....:eek: This was many years ago... the exact year escapes my memory but it was in protest of taxes......

Also Caludon Castle which is no longer standing only a bit of old ruins (just over the road from my house actually) was allegedly home to St George as in 'The Saint George' of dragon fame....lol!!!

Mmmmm what else.....???? I'll have a think....


Taking Back Control...!!!
Yes, I know...... the original 'Italian Job' film.... where the minis race through the tunnels.... that was filmed on the Foleshill Road in the swerer pipes as they were being layed.... so they say....!!!


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hehe.. thats brill Mich.. I can just imagine those minis racing through.. hehe..

Bamburgh.. Which was a a few miles from my own village beadnell.. the castle was the first castle in britain to come under cannon fire.. how exciting.. hehe..

x x x
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Anyone heard of Joe Jackson? (soundtrack to 'There's something about Mary' ... Is she really going out with him)

Not only is he a Gosport lad but I knew him - well, knew him via the bass player of The Joe Jackson Band (who was my best mate's brother in law)

OK - I know it's stretching things a bit but Gosport isn't exactly a metropolis! :)


Taking Back Control...!!!
I remember that song RD......

Anyone remember King? They were from Coventry and I knew of the pianist called Mikey...!!

Also..... famous band from Coventry -

The Specials

oh and I served Pauline Black from The Selecter on the market when I was a school kid (she was recently in Hollyoaks Calvins mum I think but got killed by Jake in a van???? !!)

Oh and the most recent famous band The Enemy! (couldn't tell you what they sing but they are supposed to be very good!!)

(I'm too old....lol!)


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lol.. brill..

I was born in gateshead.. so here goes

Daniel Defoe wrote "Robinson Crusoe" in Gateshead in 1720

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Alnwick castle..
Wasn't Alnwick Castle also the setting for the exterior shots of Hogwarts in the Harry Potter films? :confused::rolleyes:


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According to wikipedia ( if you believe it)
Coventry was the first city to twin with another.
And it's the furthest from the coast than any other city.

Not as cool as Mich's facts but fairly interesting maybe??:):)

And don't forget it's the birthplace of the legend that is Pete Waterman lol!!


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it was indeed.. and a lot of my friends were in the movies.. hehehe.. they came to our school and were like.. "does anyone wanna be an extra in harry potter".. and they did this each year they were filming.. hehe..

x x x


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also.. it was in newcastle..

that in 1881 Mosley Street in the city became the first street in the world to be illuminated by Electric Light

WOW.. Not as interesting as mich's and debbies facts.. lol..

x x x
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Oooooh I got one!!

Bad Lad's Army was filmed here at Browndown Army Barracks!
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I live in Loughton in Essex which is slap bang in the middle of the 'golden triangle' towns of Epping Forest - also known as 'Essex Wives' country (the programme which 'discovered' Jodie Marsh. Deep joy! :rolleyes:)

We're famous for (amongst other even less salubrious things): Birds of a Feather (set in Chigwell), Jade Goody (whose son goes to the prep school directly opposite my house), Danielle Lloyd, Teddy Sheringham (who I apparently practically knocked over coming out of a boutique in the High Road although I didn't recognise him at the time), Brian Harvey (ex-E17) had a house less than 200 yards away from where I live (before he went bankrupt), Rod Stewart's mansion is in Epping just a few miles away and David Sullivan (ex-porn king and owner of Birmingham City football club) lives in a £5 million plus monstrosity in a village called Theydon Bois which is 5 minutes by car from here.

Various Eastenders actors and (lower league) London footballers live within spitting distance and are frequently seen shopping in the local High Street or getting thrown out of the latest 'in' bar. Oh, and Danniella Westbrook (who used to be in Eastenders too before her nose collapsed) used to wash my hair when she was a Saturday girl at my local salon :)


Resident geek
yeah.. i was reading interesting facts about alnwick last night.. and thats what i found out.. cool isnt it.. i love blackadder..

x x
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and here's a bit more ....

Lily Allen's dad Keith is a Gosport lad.
Roger Black, olympic runner is too. (His dad delivered my 2nd daughter :eek: ... sorry to say he was a miserable git!).
A bit of 'Taggart' was filmed in the local cemetary.

and the cherry on the cup-cake ... Rolf Harris wrote a song called 'Gosport Nancy' - here are the lyrics (says a lot about Gosport girls!! lol)

Gosport Nancy, she's my fancy
She's the girl to make good sport
How she greets ya when she meets ya
When your ship gets into port
All the Gosport ladies
They loves a sailor man
But at findin' a way to spend your pay
There's none like Gosport Nan

Now Gosport girls are good at dancing
There the best there is, no doubt
When the music sets them prancing
A-how they fling their skirts about
All the Gosport ladies
They can do the French Can-Can
But a real night kicks some fancy tricks
There's none like Gosport Nan

Now Gosport girls they love to gargle
Gosport girls they likes their tot
Rum and brandy, gin and shandy
Gosport girls all go the lot
All the Gosport ladies
They swigs the flowing can
But at knockin' it back with honest Jack
There's none like Gosport Nan

Now Gosport Nancy keeps a parlour
Where the lads can take their ease
She'll wake you, she'll shake you
She will do whate'er you please
Now all the Gosport ladies
They does the best they can
But at makin' a bed for a sailor's head
There's none like Gosport Nan
No there's - none - like - Gosport - Nan...
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good old google and wikipedia Irene :)

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