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Internet meet ups


Mini crazy cat lady
Well, I've decided to meet up with someone off the tinterweb tomorrow! Scared ain't the word! Not meeting for the intention of a relationship, but he sounds like a cool person to know. Not done this kind of thing since I was about 17, and I was proper stupid then!

I know the basic drill....

Tell someone where you are
Set a time limit so you can escape
Don't talk about your ex
Don't talk about your cat

But I'm still scared!

I intend to get there first, get a drink, a magazine, and let him spot me. I *hate* walking into pubs alone, and having to scan the room.

Any words of encouragement, or disapproval are appreciated!

(already informed my friend, who lives about 5 mins from where I'm meeting, and she has the kettle prepared for after!)
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Hi there,

Good luck!! I just wanted to say, I know it's very scary, but I met my boyfriend online, and he is the love of my life, we've been together nearly 2 years now so these things can work :)

I hope it goes well for you, do be careful, but as you say you aware of the ways to make yourself safer, just use your common sense and you will be ok! Don't mention where you live just yet.. just incase!!

P.s- I talked about my cats- my boyfriend thought it was hilarious, but now he loves them :)

Most importantly ENJOY it!, relax and hopefully the conversation will flow and he could be a potential partner, he could be a new friend,, who knows!!

Good luck! Post and let us know how it goes!

Claire xx
Have you chatted online for a while? have you chatted on the phone as well? texting etc??

I think as long as you have checked him out and there are no clear concerns you will be fine.

Meet in a Starbucks or somewhere - its easy to chat there as its quite quiet and also nice to people watch :)

I met my fiancee online and think its the 'new' way of meeting people and not everyone is a wierdo (although i did meet some special cases along the way!)



Mini crazy cat lady
Wetherspoons, I'm not really a Starbucks person! And yeah, chatted online and text for a few weeks now. As I keep *trying* to tell myself (and as my friend keeps telling me), all I'm doing is meeting a friend for a drink. It just so happens that I've never clapped eyes on him before, that's all....
Thankfully, as a general rule, I get on better with males than females :)

I will report back my findings later :D
Oooh good luck! I hope it goes well

Sounds like you're going about it the right way. I have a date with an internet person this weekend and I'm very very nervous. Let me know if you have any tips :D
I met my fiance online too so I'm another success case!
We've been together for 6 years in January, living together for 3 and a half years and engaged for 1!
Even moved half way across the bloody country to be together as I was in Brighton and he was in Manchester!

As everyone else has said just be careful and do go anywhere "private" on your first meeting!
If you're really nervous about it you could always take a friend with you? I did the first time I met my OH and he was fine with it!


Mini crazy cat lady
My friend did offer to come with me, but I figured I'm big enough and ugly enough to go it alone :D
Worst comes to worst, I get to chill out in Wetherspoons with a diet coke, magazine, and then go to Primark!
Ooh best of luck honey. Sounds like you are going about things the right way, safety first and all that :)
If it doesn't work out, move on to the next one. Meeting people online is a great thing to do, it's hard to meet people these days - if it's not at work or in the supermarket or at the gym then where?
Go for it. xx
Good luck Tinytootz, I reckon you're going about it in the right way.

One of my best friends is single and has been for a long time and she really wants to meet someone - I keep trying to get her to get involved in online dating, as I agree with Jaylou, where are you supposed to meet someone?

Hope it goes well :)

Kirsty x
I met my OH online. We will be four years this christmas. I met him the day before NYE. I shouldn't really tell you about our first date, but we had been talking on the phone for about 6 months!
I want to hear all about it! I kind of met my fiance online. Well i did meet him online though not on dating website. So long live internet love!


Mini crazy cat lady
Well, that was interesting! It went ok, apart from me being nervous as hell! He looked like his pics, which is a good start. And I look like mine, which is an equally good start!

Bit awkward at times, as we all behave differently when we have keys in front of us, rather than a person!

Not what I would class as 'the one', but I'm going to give it a chance, not like I have anything to lose, is it?

And it was Plenty of Fish. It is FULL of strange people from what I have encountered! But there is the odd non-strange person, like me :)
Sounds positive! Nice one and thanks for posting.

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