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Interview to be a SW consultant

Ooooh! Obviously I haven't been through the experience but just want to wish you the best of luck! :D


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Hope evrything goes well for you - when I enquired many moons ago I think you have to do some sort of presentation of something you are interested in like a hobby etc..- like you would when taking a class - not sure if its change its format - don't know if that helps you.

GOOD LUCK - LEt us know how youo get on


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There's usually the area manager and the one above her and they say it's an "informal" chat. They'll ask how many people you'd expect to have in your class and how long you think it takes to deliver 3000 leaflets. I'd take a list of questions with you. To be honest I think they look for a certain type.


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Good luck with it. I'd love to do it but I really don't have the time to devote to it, also, I'm not sure I could be doing with the promotional side of things. That said, if I didn't work, I think I would give it a shot.

Hope it goes well for you.


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Fab news hun - you've come soooo far x x x
How odd, i also had a phone call today inviting me along to the open eventy thing.

its somthing id definatly concider way in the future, in 5 + years time when im older and have kept my weight off, as i dont think i'd do very well class wise being so young. The market for slimmingworld groups is mainly based on older people, and i think my age would put them off.

i don't know whether to bother, im interested to really know the ins and outs..


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I went for 2 interviews when I targeted with SW in 2003. I really wanted to do it so badly and was gutted when I didn't get it.
I thought about it this time but decided against as it is expensive and there is a lot of work with very little return to begin with.
But that's just me. I can't afford the outlay with no guarantee of a viable return, especially in our area where the population is not large and there are a few clubs already.
Anyway good luck to you as it may be just right for you.
Good Luck........
Thanks all for you replies as usual. Will let you know how I get on next week :-D

Sonia, I am still concerned about the outlay with very little return to start with. It feels like a big leap of faith - if I get it anyway!!!!

Quick question - do you go to group in Ilfracombe? I'm spending a week there in the summer and was thinking about WI at somewhere local. xx

Fern - I'd recommend going along to the Opportunity Event - there were all ages when I went to one a few months ago. In fact, I think that my C was the youngest ever when she started and she has been very successful. Don't let age be a barrier to you, that's just your percption of things! xx


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ohhh good luck and def let us know how you do, its something i would definitely consider:D
i used to run our martial arts clubs and i loved it:D

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