1. P

    The gym kitchen pouch slimming world syns?

    Hi Wondering if anyone knows the syns for The Gym Kitchen pouches? I found some in asda. I've just had this one but I can't find the syns anywhere. Pouch is 250g. Thanks!
  2. E

    hi there am a newbie

    29 yrs am trying to lose 10 kgs but it is soo hard :( i saw an online article about egg diet have any of you tried that before ? am thinking to give it a try i will attach the article below
  3. S

    First week = no loss!

    I have been following SW down to a T the last week, and haven't lost. Been having 3 meals a day, hardly no snacking and exercising. Even been introduced to new foods I wouldn't have normally tried so glad about that! Granted I could have upped my exercise as I am normally quite active, but...
  4. Kiara

    Protein Powder syns?!?!

    I know Slimming World is all about the healthy balance, with no need for extras like this, but I do A LOT of strength training & running and I like to add 1 scoop (25g) of protein powder in my smoothie for breakfast. The Protein Works Whey Protein Powder, unflavoured - 1 SCOOP (25g) 101 calories...
  5. Kiara

    Quakers Oats - Porridge To Go Syns ?!

    Anyone know the syn value of Quaker Oats Porridge To Go, the oat one and the strawberry, raspberry & cranberry one? Struggle to figure out the hex b in this. And if it IS part hex b, how many syns it would be if I used it ON TOP of my hex b? THANK YOU !
  6. Sweet2Def

    June 2018 - My LT Diary

    I thought I should begin another thread, a bit more up to date for anybody thinking of beginning the diet this month. I start on 8th June (payday), and because I have done the diet before and recall how horrendous the first three days were., I'm preparing my body leading up to this by slowly...
  7. myslimmingstruggle

    Determined to succeed this year!! Need tips please...

    Hi, I'm new to this place, and back on SW for 2018 *eye roll* new year new me *eye roll*. Truth is, 1 and half years ago, me and my best friends joined SW in group, they succeeded - got to their goal weight and i epically failed... lost weight and then plonked it all back on... i gave up! I...
  8. lellykins88

    Rejoining to make 2018 the best year yet....

    Morning all! I'm rejoining SW for the what feels like the millionth time.. after losing just over 2 stone before leaving group to 'do it alone' in June last year after a 4 month maintain period and I'm determined to make it my last time so I need to stick to it through the good and bad. Been...
  9. S

    January challenge.

    I know we are still in December. What is your goal weightloss for upto the 31st of January ? We all know it's not so easy to stay on track over the festive season so we sometimes need some time to rain it back in haha. So what is your current weight and goal and we can do weigh ins. We can...
  10. Chris Judson

    Starving Yourself - Right or Wrong?

    hey guys, Probably a bit of a controversial chat/discussion but would appreciate people’s views/thoughts/opinions on this one. I have tried to discuss this with my better half but it does nothing but cause an argument as she spends most of her days working in a care home where people can’t eat...
  11. Chris Judson

    Honeymoon Weightloss Coming Off

    Good afternoon All, so, i put 11lbs on during the honeymoon (barbados all inclusive for two weeks), however we had a great time and really ate well (a little too well) However i have worked hard since i got back and managed to get 4lbs off last weigh in! a little encouraged to know i can still...
  12. LittleMissTeacher

    Step 1 Sole Source Weightloss journey begins

    Hello all, Just wanted to share my weightless journey as I'm on Week 3 and it's already been a long road! I was previously on Lighter Life where I lost 4 stone but I foolishly gained it back so am determined to get it off once again and this time keep it that way! Would love some people...
  13. Annaokeeffe92

    John west light lunches

    Can someone tell me syns in all the John West light lunches? Thank you!
  14. LucyAnn29

    CWP Motivation

    hi guys been on CWP for 17days now and I'm in week 3 with a 10 pound loss so far! This weather is so beautiful however I'm really unsure how much water I should Be drinking if it's hot... I'm on 4 litres now. Also does anyone struggle with 3 shakes? It's now half 9 and I need to still have my...
  15. C

    Please help!

    okay so I've been doing slimming world for a little while now but I'm constantly going over my syns due to hunger in the evenings (which obviously doesn't help my weight loss), does anyone have any advice on how I can fill myself up so I don't eat so much later on? My portions are good sizes and...
  16. H

    New: hello! :)

    Hi everyone! So I started Slimming World and it isn't really working out for me as I need the portion control aspect (I could literally eat my weight in rice & I love veg so I'm eating just as much as I was before) so I'm going to start Weight Watchers from tomorrow. I'm doing it at home as I...
  17. Chris Judson

    I Lost Weight!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    So after what can only be described as possibly one of the worst weekends food wise including mcdonlads on friday, Fish and Chips Sunday at the harvester, then take out sunday night because our kitchen was all packed up and in various boxes... However....0.5lb loss!!!! shocked was not the word...
  18. Chris Judson

    Managed to avoid Cake!!

    So this came through at work today "Morning All We have just had a visit from a colleague at #suppliername across the road in the other office who has informed us that there is a cake sale on right now in aid of Cancer. Please come to Reception now if you would like to purchase a little treat...
  19. Chris Judson

    4.5St Gone

    Hi Guys/Gals Not very good at the self praise/credit thing so i guess i need to leave that up to you. I got to 4.5st gone and i think fell off the band wagon. Still try and attend image theropy where i can at my local slimming world group. I have attached my awards so far, my progess chart and...
  20. B

    Extra Easy Bethy's Diary

    I've joined SW again today after gaining the 3st I lost 3 years ago. I'm determined this time to lose that 3 stone and some more and this time keep it off for good! I'm going to keep track and make a diary on here to help me stay motivated. Any advice is appreciated! Breakfast: Cup of tea...
  21. whatkatiedid

    A student's guide to Slimming World

    So... I've done Slimming World many times now but I always struggle going to group, this didn't help when I was a few years younger and I put 1lb on, the person who weighed me laughed at me and made a sarcastic comment. That knocks a young girl's confidence. ANYWAY, I'm starting up my...
  22. SwBeckyT

    From member to consultant-a diary

    So, I've taken the 1st step to becoming a Slimming World consultant! I filled in an online application and received an email back. I'm already excited! According to the email, I should hear from a local manager soon to be given information about attending an Opportunity Event. Watch this space!
  23. healthyobsessions

    How Many Syns?

    As the title says really.... how many syns do you have on average daily? And how much do you weigh (if you don't mind sharing)! I lowered my syns from 15 to 10 when I hit a plateau a few months back and haven't gone back to 15 since as I'm scared I'll have a massive gain :( but ideally, I...
  24. healthyobsessions


    PLEASE HELP!! NEW SCALES???! So my other scales that I've been using for over a year began fluctuating massively the in the last few weeks so I think they were on their last legs... anyway, I got some new saltner body analyser scales yesterday and weighed this morning.... TO FIND OUT IM ALMOST...
  25. Jessica.xx


    Hi everyone :) I am new to MiniMins, I'm here looking for slimming world inspiration, recipes and support as I am a 20 year old who can't cook many things! :( I've been doing Slimming world for 3 weeks.. My first week I lost 4lbs :) My second week I lost 2lbs :) And my third week I actually...
  26. Sharn

    Intro background story newbie - day 7 eeek!! x

    Hi guys thought I would take some time to introduce myself to those who might be interested and to help me feel a little better... After reading through the various threads these last couple of days so many of your encouraging words, advice and stories really pushed me through so thought I would...
  27. C

    Weightloss Diary of a New mum

    Hey everyone on Minimins, I've read a couple of threads on here and always thought it was a great idea to keep me motivated on my weight loss journey. I've recently had a baby, he is 12 weeks old tomorrow and I'm trying to lose around four stone. I joined SW 7 weeks ago and so far have lost...
  28. Aniee

    Tips to Reduce Weight Fast

    Watch Your Fluids 1. Drink green tea. 2. Avoid calories in a glass. 3. Start Lifting. 4. Avoid the Salt. 5. Add spices in your diet. 6. Get some sleep. 7. Go for an evening walk. 8. Eat every meal. 9. Add 20 minutes of exercise per day. 10. Drink Water More.
  29. PandaNate

    Smart Points Pandabear's large weight-loss journey.

    Hello! Welcome to my Smartpoints - Weight Watchers food diary. I'm Renate. I'm 27 and I started this journey at 18st 9lb. My heaviest. I am top heavy, I am very big boobed, so I never look my weight and people are usually surprised when they learn of my weight. I'm 5'6, this is new to me as...
  30. S

    So far to go!!! I need help!!!

    Hello I have been a slimming world member for about a month and have lost 11lb. However to get to a healthy weight I need to loose about 5-6 stone!! It seems like such a big about to loose! Does anyone have any tips on how to make it seem a little less daunting?
  31. marybobs

    My Road To A Fitter Me

    Hi Everyone, I'm Maryanne. I am a 28 year old from Meath in Ireland. I stumbled across Minimins back in June when I started my weightloss journey. I was delighted to see it up and running now as I want to be able to meet like minded people and to hopefully share some inspiration. I started...