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Introducing exercise on SW


Well I now feel ready to start going to the gym. I want to go 3 times a week and work on my arms and man boobs!! :p
I am also going to do 45mins on the cross trainer machine. I dont really want to concentrate on the weights but more on the cardio work. I have heard that muscle in heavier than fat.
I know this will help me but I am so concerned about getting weighed at class and finding I have put on weight. That would really annoy me... :mad:
Have any of you had any experience on introducing excercise and putting on weight?
Thanks for any comments in advance,
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Bring it on!
I have been going to the gym as well. I signed up for 3 months intially and comitted to 3 times a week (i have to go at 6.15am so that's committment!) My programme covers cardio and weights. it's true that muscle weighs more than fat (but a lb of muscle is equivalent to a lb fat) but it also burns calories for longer so in the long term is better. I have been to the gym before and found just doing CV doesn't shift the weight as well as doing a mixed programme. As a bloke as well building muscle may mean you STS or put on at some point, but it will really help tone you up as well. Take measurements as well as look at your weight and you'll see results. Hope that's useful.
I joimned a gym a month ago, and go twice a week for and hour and half sessions.. and i only do cardio bar stomach crunches, and iv not lost anything since! LOL

This would eb fine if i was suddenly a very toned and beautiful goddess of some sort LOL but im not.. but im just assuming my body will ajust as its never done exercise in its life up untill now :O LOL but i think it works for everyone differently.. some people it really shifts the weight for! x
Oh no..........now that really has confused me on what to do. I suppose i should go but try and not feel too dis-heartened if i dont lose weight.........I will try and take some measurements and see how i get on. I just wanted to kick start the weight loss.
Does anyone have any other comments?
Hiya Paul.

I too go to the gym three to four times a week. I find that I loose about 0.5lb more if I go to the gym.

If you take it easy whilst you there and dont push yourself with very hard work outs then you will see that your shape changes, you build muscle and burn fat without weighing heavier, thats what I have found anyway.


Bring it on!
Paul why not ask one of the trainers to do a programme for you. They're very good and if you tell them your goals they will give you a programme to try and meet them.
I think thats a good idea. I know i need to keep my heart rate at a certain level so that I burn fat and not build muscle. I will start this week and see how it goes.....Not sure if I will manage 45mins straight away but will see. :)
I can normally only manage 13 minutes ont he cross trainer lol. Then 10 minutes cycling, 5 minute run, 5 minutes rowing, free weights and then ab crunches.
I really hate rowing and running so thought cross trainer was best for my knees. lol
I will keep you updated. :)


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Paul you are doing so well. you are an inspiration. PS can i live at yours for a week and do the sw plan with you, might have more success (mind will have to bring my whole family too) he he
Ok i am not sure what you would offer for pudding but I would have to do the chicken breast with babybel wrapped in bacon served with fresh steam veg!!! Yummy!!!! :)


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Hi paul,
Going to the gym will not make you put weight on, it will take a long time to build so much muscle that you will put on weight.
If you do fat burning cardiovascular exercise (ie not too hard, nice and steady) then you should lose more than if you were not exercising - however, my consultant told me last week that exercise will only account for 12-24lb of extra weight loss per year, so that's maybe only an extra pound a month.

Exercise to make you feel good and tone up some of the bits you want to tone up, even if you don't lose any more, it's not a bad thing as it will be doing your heart and lungs some good.
Don't worry, go along and enjoy it!!

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