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This may have been done before.. but thought it would be nice to have an introduction thread. I use minimins as my group therapy, and group meetings start with an introduction... so i'll go first

I'm Kirstin, i'm 36 and i was a slight foodaholic!

I live in Huddersfield, but am originally from Burton on Trent, Staffs. Lived up here for 7 years in January and love it.

Work in technical sales.... hate my current job.. but looking for another.. barrier is the money is good and i love having an expenses paid car! But will find something soon!

Single... probably own fault - i have a short attention span and take no cr@p... my mates compare me to guys.. they say i'm scared of committment.. this is wrong.. i'd love a relationship (have had three long term ones in the past).. but not met anyone worth the effort for a hell of a long time...

One baby... called Buster.. okay okay hes a dog!

Erm think that will do.. maybe i should have thought it through a little more.. anyway its just an idea

PS why can't i change my profile pic!
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I'm Karen, 25, live in Isle of Man, but I'm from thinking of moving to Scotland as my next stop! Have been here 2 years now....

Single too...dont take much crap from people either....but I know part of it is cos I have never thought I deserved to be with anyone nice.....have a LOT of issues with one ex in particular!!

Have one daughter, Mini Me, AKA Chloe...shes 6 and a mad handful...would like more kids, but refuse to have any unless I am married (v unlikely to happen given my commitment phobia!!)

I think thats about it for me really!!
Great idea - I have seen these on the threads before but they always end up disappearing.

I am Nicky, age 36. I have a wonderful partner of 11 years (never got around to marrying!), a beautify daughter - Ellie - who has just turned 2, a harrier dog (a bit like a lanky beagle) - Chester - he's 11 and finally baby no 2 will arrive Feb/March time (due 3rd March).

I did CD earlier this year & lost 5 & a half stone. I loved it so much I am now a CDC - which I love as well.

We live in Swindon, moved here July 2000....before that we were in Cornwall. I work in finance - only 2.5 days a week which is great.

CDC Swindon
Hi I'm Beverley, 44, originally from down south - born in Essex (heard all the jokes!!!) lived in Kent for most of my life. Moved up to Cheshire 20 yrs ago with my ex. Ex is lovely irish guy - but an alcoholic, so we split 7yrs ago. Have 3 wonderful children 20yr old at uni, 18yr old at Thomas Cook, and 15yr old still at school. Live with my gorgeous partner of 9months. I'm a CDC as well - and love it as I enjoy chatting to people and helping them when i can. Interests (apart from Minimins!!!) are travelling, swimming, dancing, music.