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Iron Levels!

I saw the doctor last Thursday because of chest pain and I was finding it hard and painful to breathe. She sent me straight to the hospital for tests.

The nurse took my blood, got the results and then took it again to 'check' the reading was correct. I got my levels back today. An average reading for a female adult should be between 65-165. Mine was 4! :eek:

The doctor said my reading was off the chart. It actually was! He showed me the graph and my reading was waaay below it!

I've been put on 3 iron tablets a day, and have some mulit vits as well!

If anyone feels weird/different in any way, please request to have your bloods tested, you never know what they'll find! Lol! :)
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Thanks 4 that!!! I do suffer from iron deficiency anaemia but my iron tablets cause constipation.

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No worries :) just hope it raises awareness and people get tested if they feel they need too :)
He didn't say anything about that, he just said to keep taking the 3 tablets a day and have my blood tested again in 2 weeks. If there is no improvement I'll need to go into hospital to have a camera down my throat into my stomach to see what is or isn't happening.
But you had your bloods done a week ago, I would of thought if they were that low then and havent improved they would want to transfuse you? Thats shocking!
They were 4 last week and I had my blood taken again today to see if they improved, but they never actually told me my level until today. I have to contact the gp to see if it has improved or not when this weeks results come back, and then go from there, depending on the results.

I've been anemia most of my life, the levels go up and down all the time, but they have never been this low. The doctor just came into the room, scribbled on his paper, told me my level, asked if I still had chest pain, said he'll write to my gp and left!
I will, thank you. They should hopefully have the results either tomorrow or Friday, if not it will be the beginning of next week.
Mine are 10.4 and they said it's not that low? I'm confused..

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taking it 1 day at a time
Mine are 10.4 and they said it's not that low? I'm confused..

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It depends whether it's measured in mcg/dl (60-170 is normal) or mol/l (10-
Sarahelizabeth said:
Solgar make an iron supplement called Gentle Iron which does not make you constipated and is natural. Worth looking at if you have low hg levels.
I use Spatone it is 100 per cent natural. Is better taken with a little orange juice as vitamin C helps to absorb the iron, not so good for the diet though. Iron tablets make me feel really ill.

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For the record, I never said exante caused my low iron levels. I just said my iron levels were low and if anyone else feels they would benefit from a test, they should do so.
I've also mentioned it on other forums I go on that have nothing to do with diets. So its not just here.
cybill said:
I found spatone worked really well for me too, particularly when my iron levels went really low in pregnancy.
It sounds like you're having a really difficult time, I hope it all sorts itself out soon.
Thank you. I found those ones best to take during pregnancy as well with my first. The tablets I have now don't seem to have and side effects...yet! Lol

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