Iron tablets?? Will they help me feel warm?...

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  1. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl has lying hips

    I've seen iron tablets mentioned on here to combat the coldness.

    I'm really really feeling the cold. Last night I went to sleep wearing a t-shirt, a sweat-shirt, a huge woolly jumper, tracksuit bottoms and I was under a thick duvet and I was still cold for much of the night.

    I'm on LL and have been told I don't need any extra supplements etc.

    However, my fingers and toes are almost permanently cold and I don't ever feel like I'm warm all the way through - except if I have a very hot bath.

    Is it just a case of wearing more and more layers or will iron tablets help?
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  3. Shadow

    Shadow Member

    I've never heard of this and can't imagine why they would help in anyway but I can't wait to find out so hope someone replies soon :)
  4. Shimsham

    Shimsham Full Member

    Cambridge Diet
    I did LL a couple of years ago and my GP became a big supporter of it. She looked into the nutritional values of the packs and found that the iron was the only thing which there wasn't enough of. She said this was the reason for the hair loss and coldness (and why they both stop once you go into management).
    She prescribed me iron supplements. Unfortunately I was too near the end of my loss and didn't take them for v. long so I cannot say whether or not they had any affect.
    If you have a sympathetic GP perhaps discuss it with them, also your Counsellor may know more?
    Hope this helps,

    Jeanie x
  5. pebbles

    pebbles Full Member

    I know how you feel about being cold gaijingirl, i am freezing, but i do not think it helps having cold water and cold shakes everyday, i do not like them hot or the soups.

    I can not give you any advice sorry, but would be interested to know how to warm up, because if the iron tablets help i want some. x
  6. Gill-cdthing

    Gill-cdthing Gone, but who cares huh

    i have heard the cold is a side effect of ketosis, the iron may make you a little constipated so be careful, ask you cdc and or your doctor,
  7. wannabeminime

    wannabeminime Gold Member

    My hands are sooooo cold they ache! I am even finding it hard to type! And there's no way i can play on the arcade! (I have a laptop)

    Any advice on the cold hands would be most appreciated!
  8. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl has lying hips

    Sod this... I'm bloody freezing... I'm off to sit in a very hot bath again!
  9. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    I haven't heard about iron being a 'cure' for the coldness you feel whilst in ketosis - it's definitely worth checking out with your gp, I suppose. However, iron supplements can make you very constipated and whilst I was prescribed them in my first pregnancy, my gp was very reluctant to prescribe in my second and third ones as the general feeling of the time within the group practice was that they caused more problems that they cured.

    Bet that doesn't help a bit, huh? lol
  10. gaijingirl

    gaijingirl has lying hips

    I think I may just have to conduct this diet from the bath - just need to get me a butler to make my shakes and soups and bring them in to me!

    I'm lovely and toasty warm now - had a VERY hot bath, and I've smothered myself in Clinique happy body lotion, wrapped myself in a big towelling robe and I'm about to paint my toenails just for the hell of it... :D
  11. Isobel1965

    Isobel1965 Gold Member

    Lol - sounds like an excellent plan, hun! Might just do the same myself - but it's the butler's night orf!!
  12. chicken on a mission

    chicken on a mission Restarting to lose 4stone

    LighterLife then CD

    That is very interesting. I was wondering about taking iron suppliment now I am off the diet :rolleyes:

    The trouble is that when TOTM is due I get a craving for rare cooked red meat. I thought this might be because of an iron deficiencey. Interestingly enough I didn't have the cravings when I was ssing :confused:

    I am due to see my doctor in a couple of weekas and will ask him. I haven't seen him since I lost my first couple of stone. He was the one that recommended LL to me so when I saw him 2 stone lighter I took him in a very goof bottle of red by way of thanks. Now he will be able to see the results of me losing more than 6 stone and maintaining 2 months on :)

    I owe a lot to my GP :D
  13. 10stonesize10

    10stonesize10 Member

    I am cold , very cold all the time. I think it has more to do with the cal. content in our diets that our bodies cant keep us warm.I could be wrong.
  14. g1981

    g1981 Thin People Only

    cambridge diet
    have a pint of guinness!!!
  15. dizzy-n-mizzy

    dizzy-n-mizzy Not dieting ATM!

    Together we lost 8 stone on CD.
    I am really really felling the cold throught to my bones all day. I am not in ketosis now either, hot baths and showers do help and at night I have my old faithful "The hot water bottle" £3.45 and lasts a couple of years, absolute bargain!

    I love my hot water bottle! Especially at the moment even took it to watch son's footie tonight under my coat. I had been dreading going all day.

    Hope you feel warmer soon, I'm finding the cold the toughest bit at the moment.

    Love clinique happy lotion too! Hope it works.

    Dizzy x
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