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Irulan's Diary

Well !!

Let's do this then.

I need to loose a massive amount of weight. Not dwelling on that right now, any weight I'll loose will be a bonus.

I am seriously overweight, as you can imagine as I need to loose over 70kg to begin with. I am very unfit, just 300 steps tires me out, taking stairs is a expedition. I am realising that being this fat (there I said it) is really taking it's toll now. I have multiple medical issues, all small now, but I am sure it will all grow into something major.

I always said that I am fat but healthy, but that is no longer the case. I am fat and lazy now. Fat and unhappy, fat and very unhealthy.

I need to address this, but I usually lack motivation, lack willpower, lack determination. I've got all the tools to exercise, but I am too big to use them. I am a strict lacto-vegetarian (no eggs) so I know how to cook and rarely eat fast food. My main issue is portions and calories in home-cooked meals. I have no clue how many calories are in my meals. I cook them myself, so I can't check the packaging.

I am going to try to post at least twice a day with what I've eaten so far and a final post at night with exercise and evening meal. I hope I can keep it up and I hope anyone can give me hope, encouragement and tips!
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Eaten so far today:
1 glass of orange juice
2 wholegrain slices of toast with peanut butter
1 pot of fruit yoghurt (yum)

1 sandwich with 2 slices of wholegrain bread, topped with margarine and wholegrain mustard, with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, gherkin and a veggie spread called Tartex.

As a snack I ate 3/4 of a 150gr package of blueberries.

As dinner we had a dal of Mung beans and a potato stew, I ate 4 chapati's with it.

Still very hungry so I am assuming I did not eat enough today. I will eat my remaining sandwich later, no point in starving myself like you all said before.

No exercise so far. Just a measly 1000/1500 steps I assume, later this evening I am planning 10/20 minutes of minor exercise. Not sure yet what to do. Most 'normal' things hurt me more then it'll do good.

Let's not forget the 1.5 ltr of water with Robinsons no added sugar orange squash, 2 mugs of black instant (yuck, why do I even drink this) and 75cl of plain water
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El Nino

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Good luck with the start of your journey. I have been with Slimming World since end of March and I still write down everything I eat every day. It's not a hassle, like some people may see it and it really helps to focus your mind.

Remember the longest journey starts with a single step (or something like that!)

Charls :D
I don't think it's to bad today.

I had a massive craving around 10-ish for a toffee crisp chocolate bar. I could almost taste it, had my coins ready to get one. I msn-ed my husband and he stopped me just in time.

Snacking is a major issue here. At least twice a day most of my co-workers go to the vending machine to get chocolates, crisps or soda's.

I eat when I am bored or just just. Maybe it's like smoking, gave that up and it took a long while before you stop missing the hand gestures.


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Any habits are hard to change. They do take time but if you stick with it you will get there. Make small changes and it is easier
What you will have to watch if you have lots to lose is that youre actually eating enough. A lot of people fall into the trap of thinking eating less means more of a loss when the opposite is true. If youre not eating enough you might find that something like WW or SW is seriously worth considering, that way you know youre eating what your body needs.

Doing a mental conversion of your menu to WW points, the fact you say you need to lose as much as you do, unless youre having a pretty big dinner Id guess youd be well under what WW would recommend as your daily points allowance if you were following the plan.
Hi Starlight,

I think that's a major flaw in my personality. I am all or nothing. Either I don't care and eat whatever I want or I go into some starvation mode.

I find it very hard to decide what would be a normal amount to eat. I am hungry now, but that would be because dinner smells lovely. All my life I have heard to eat less and when I want to loose weight people tell me to eat more. It confuses me.


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That would be why you would benefit from a plan like SW or WW. You can do either online and never have to go to a group. They both work very well and Starlight is the best advert I have ever seen for Weight Watchers. She is a true inspiration
Hi Starlight,

I think that's a major flaw in my personality. I am all or nothing. Either I don't care and eat whatever I want or I go into some starvation mode.

I find it very hard to decide what would be a normal amount to eat. I am hungry now, but that would be because dinner smells lovely. All my life I have heard to eat less and when I want to loose weight people tell me to eat more. It confuses me.
Thats where you really would benefit from a structured diet. Both WW and SW educate you in what you should be eating but both also allow scope for treats and snacks, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Eating so little and going into starvation will just have the weight go back on, and then some :(
Hi Taz and Starlight,

Great minds indeed. I am not ready yet to go to yet another slimming club. I understand it is a good thing if you get the right club, I entered the wrong one before and that kind of stuck with me... old habits and all.

I did get my husband all excited about researching exercise methods for me. He is taking this quite seriously as we had a good heart to heart in what shape I am exactly in and how scared I am dying young because of all this weight I am logging around.
I love WW but hate the whole Clubs thing. You could follow either diet online or by yourself without going near a club.

Thats what I do ;) I bought a calculator and a couple of books on ebay and have done it myself. I feel I dont need the support of a class and I hate the whole 'whos lost what' and the half stone awards, not for me at all lol DONT let that part of things put you off what could be the perfect diet.

What you really need to watch even more is if youre not eating enough AND doing exercise the weight just wont come off at all.
Spend all evening searching through my old boxes, because hearing you guys talk about WW made me realise something.... I bought a points plan plus CD years ago... and I found it again.
I installed it on my computer and will roughly try to give that a go. I don't think I'll get to my recommended 26 points a day though.

I am fairly confident that the eat when you are hungry method is a good thing. I did not have breakfast today at my normal time as I just wasn't hungry yet. Took a pot of fruit yoghurt and some microwave porridge to work and ate that around 9 when I was hungry.

Before I eat I drink water first to see if I really am hungry or just thirsty. Mostly my hunger goes when I drink anyway and when it doesn't I must be hungry. It's either that, or my body just doesn't register hunger anymore after years and years of overeating.

I truly think I am not a big eater, I am a wrong eater. I can have a small breakfast, REALLY pig out over lunch and then have a small diner. Not that bad in quantities, but VERY bad in calories or/and fat. If I follow all recommended quantities of food I should eat like WW, I am so stuffed I can't move.

Did a 15 minute workout yesterday. All simple things, nothing major, just to get my body going. My husband is my spotter. Like I said before he is taking this very seriously and is researching exercises for me.


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You say you drink water before you eat which is great logic but in reality by drinking first, if you don't leave some time before eating, you are diluting the digestive acids which will stop your food being digested and processed properly.
No no I should have been more specific. I wait 20 minutes after the water, if I am still hungry, I eat.

Same with lunch, I eat one sandwich, wait 20 minutes and if I still need the second one, I will eat it.

I am assuming I need to retrain my body knowing when it's full or when enough is enough.


Slowly Shrinking. Yay!!
Hi, I Know How You Kinda Feel. I Either Eat Non Stop, Or I Dont. So I Do Eat Non Stop. But Its Fruit!! My Treat Is In The Morning. 2 Pieces Of Toast With Vegemite. Morning Tea 3 Kiwifruit, Lunch Nectarine & Orange. Afternoon Break.. Apple & Grapes. Then Dinner. Soup. It Sounds So Boring. But I Now Have Proudly Gone A WHole Month, With NO Chocolate And NO Coke :(
I Drunk SO Much Coke Each Day.. 2 Litres A Day!
I Found It Easier To Cut It All Out Than To Just Give Myself Treats
I Weighed Myself Tonight, I Have Lost 13.2lbs In A Month!!
You Just Need To Believe In Yourself!

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