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Is anyone 5"6 and a size 8-10?

I know everyone is different because of body shape etc etc, but I just wondered if you would mind sharing your weight with me.

I currently dont have a target (weight-wise), I just know I want to be able to fit into a size 8-10, although I am a little way off that yet - currently a size 14.

I figured if anyone was around the same height as me, and fits an 8-10, their weight could give me a rough idea at what I'm looking for when it comes to a target.

I appreciate not all of you will want to broadcast your weight, but any comments would be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks xxx
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Just look at members stats. I think you will find most people have posted their weight, height and target weight.
Thanks Sue, I realised that. The only thing it doesn't give is the size, which is specifically what I'm looking for.

I just want to know what I need to weigh to get into a size 8-10 - I know this is such a hard question to answer due to body shapes, etc, but I'd just like a rough idea.

Thanks anyway though :) x
Interesting question. Im 5'8" so 2 inches taller and at 12st 7lb am a size 12. My jeans are getting loose though.

I've always been pretty much hourglass shape but I've definately slimmed more from my top, arms etc and my thighs are my current problem!!

I reckon at 11st I could be a 10.

I'm on my phone ATM so can't see your stats, what is your current weight at size 14?
I'm 5'6 and have never been a size 8 LOL Even when I was young, around 18/19, I was a 10-12 and weighed about 8st 11lbs. I got married nearly 30 years ago and weighed 9st on my wedding day and my wedding dress was a size 12.

You're a size 14 - that's my target to get down to :D Wouldn't size 8 be too thin at our height?

Mind you all body shapes are different aren't they? Mine is not apple or pear, at the moment unfortunately it's beach ball :D

One day.......
Many moons ago when I lost weight the very first time I could squeeze into a size 8 when I was 9st 7lb. I am 5' 71/2". I was very poorly then though.


Now to maintain.....
my target is 9st 3....im currently 9st 6 and im a size 8/10 .....im 5ft 5 x


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I'm 5'5"/5'6" and a 10 in most shops, a 12 in some but that's usually because of boobs lol

Currently maintaining target of 9st 12. I lost 1.5 st and went from a tight 14 to a fine 10. Oh and am hourglass if that helps.
The size 8 was for jeans btw, and my arse is the biggest part of me :eek:
I'm 5 foot 5. In my late teens, I was around a size 10 and weighed around nine and a half stone. I'm looking forward to getting back to that size again, eventually! :)

Posted by accident in error, see below x
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I am currently 10st 10lbs and 5ft 7.5ins, and I am a tight size 10 in some places, but comfortable in others. I am sadly a pear shape though, even tho it appears I still have a big chest i can wear size 10 tops no problem. When it comes to bottoms thats another story, I try and force myself into 10s as I feel really unhappy in a 12.

Previously at 9st 7lbs I was a good size 8 but I looked too thin and boney then.

Everyone is so different my mum weighs lees than me but is a size bigger also my friend weighs more and is a size smaller so it depends on your shape really

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