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Is anyone else sad...


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Mmmmm yeah :D I was preparing the guinea pigs' and rabbits' salads last night and I so wanted to eat a slice of their cucumber!! I don't like cucumber :rolleyes:

In a way, it's good that our bodies are craving good food. :)
I suppose it IS better than craving a big mac :) I was eyeing some beetroot in the fridge. I absolutely loathe beetroot :)


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I know, the Jersey Royals and cherries and strawberries and rapsberries and apricots and nectarines and peaches.etc etc etc will all be finished by the time I finish this diet. Never mind there's always next year!!


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Yes, next year, we will be to enjoy our summer and be sensible with the summer treats :)


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I was so lucky that my 810 week was during the height of asparagus season! Although I have to admit this year being a record strawberry harvest has made me a little sad :(
I know ever since doing CD im mainly craving good foods! This is great, hopefully get me off on a good start when I begin maintaining. :)


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I so agree, I was craving Asda's ranch salad for blinking weeks!!!


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no CG I don't miss them a bit while on CD. But I'm taking a vitamin supplement along with my diet, so it might help. Funny how on other diets I would always miss eating as many fruits as I could, but now no I don't mind...


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I've only just started but i know that the PWO fruit and veg places aroung here will have an array of lovely fruit and veg, but i also know that those Strawberries will taste all the more sweet next year when i'm sat in the sun wearing a Joe Browns floaty dress with a tan feeling like a million dollars!


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And thats supposed to be PYO!! DOH!
I remember last time I was on CD I really missed bananas yet I have hardly eaten them since.


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we've got a back garden full of yummy fruit & veg growing! Doh!! its the first time weve grown any, but now we cant eat it!!! ah well!!

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