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is anyone else who has 100+lbs to lose just controlling cals?


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this forum is great as it clubs together people who have a lot to lose, but as i go around i find people who are on vlcd or pills, it is a bit daunting cause sometimes makes me feel i wont be able to do it my way?
is there anyone else on here who has 100+ lbs to lose and is just controlling cals and portion sizes and more excercise?
xxxxx :D
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Yes - I'm aiming to lose around that, I lost 4-5 stone before through doing things that way (Have sinced put it all back on and some lol), and I'm planning to again. The only problem is that after a while your body gets used to it, so you'll need to adjust either calorie intake or increase the amount of exercise you do :D

Good luck by the way xxx
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Hi Assj

This is the only way to lose weight, reduce the intake and increase the output. It just takes so long to do. I lost 130lbs over around 18 months in 2006/7. Unfortunately 50lbs or so has returned but I am now getting rid of it again. (I wonder how much we would have lost if we just add up all of the pounds that we have lost / gained / lost again)

Keep at it and don't lose heart and I will try to do the same as I seem to have "maintained" over the last few weigh-ins.
Hi :)

I'm the same, I was daunted when I first looked in this forum and saw most are on VLCDs or tablets.. but I'm calorie counting, and it is coming off :D


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*Bounces around, waving hand in the air* Mee mee meee! :D

I had about 150lbs to lose when I started. Now I'm down to 139 to lose (perhaps less, next weigh-in is tomorrow), and all I'm doing is eating about 1200 - 1500 calories a day and exercising down the gym a few days a week (less this week, accursed TOTM).

We will do this! :D
I've lost over 100 lbs over the last two years with just controlling cals and more exercise. It's perfectly possible, but takes a little longer. Admittedly, I have had relatively long periods (one of around 6 months, plus a few others of a month or so) over the last two years where I was just maintaining, and so it is perfectly possible to do it faster.
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I have 82lbs t loose but thats still a fair bit! im controling my calories and exercising although all i can really do is take my little girl for a walk but I live by the cliffs so thats a work out just getting up the hills lol. I have found the weightwatchers cooking books really good, its all stuff we would normally eat just with a few healthy alternatives that the whole family will enjoy.

Good luck everyone x


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Me too, although with this weeks loss I'm down to needing to lose 99lbs, lol. This is just for my first major target. After I reach that I don't plan on going back to my old ways. I want this to be for life, and if more comes off fab, I'll keep at it.

I'm totally changing my attitudes towards food, and although this is the "long" way of doing things I really think you've a better chance of keeping it off as long as you're changing your thinking about food.


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I have way more than 100lb to lose. I'm on a lowish carb diet for insulin resistance, but the plan is gradually to reintroduce carbs as the medication starts working, then stick to a low calorie diet. I want to lose fatty tissue slowly so my metabolism adjusts and repairs itself rather than leave it even more injured. It's early days but it is working - I'm eating more if anything than I did in the past, but lots of leafy plants - the way I look at it, it's about re-educating myself for life, not a quick fix I might be unable to maintain.