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Is anyone else....


Step away from the chips!


getting slimmer
i might go and have a look at 10am normal time, thats far too early for me!!!


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I'm not doing it this time (I'm skint!) but I've done it a few times in the past so no you're not an idiot because that would make me one to!:D


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I'm not going but ive have gone before, i hated the pushin and shovin I think i'll wait til 8 and do it online. I hope all the people with VIP slots haven't had all the bargains already.
No your not an idiot !!!


Step away from the chips!
Yeah i'm hoping that i'm early enough and i've picked a fairly out of the way store to go to rather than one of the big ones in Norwich in the hope that it'll be a bit quieter lol.
Do you think i should take a flask & a blanket lol?

Only want a couple of bits for myself but i will have to fight the temptation to not spend all my money on stuff for the children like i would usually have done - but then i couldnt fit into any of their clothes before so couldnt have bought myself anything :rolleyes:
I admire anyone getting up and going, I do hear from friends that you can get some great bargains but me and crowds do not go together...I find it too fraustrating!


I will be going online! I am definitely not getting up stupid o clock! I have to get up at 7am tomorrow which is 2-3 hours earlier than normal and that is bad enough!!! Also, I can't stand going into next when there's a sale on. I am really not a crowd person so sitting with my laptop works well for me!!


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ill be up at 4.30, quick shower and out. its just round the corner from me


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i usually have worked nights when the sale was on...and my mate is a manager so always used to pop over and put stuff to one side.....this year...im on earlies so will miss out...its all summer stuff thou and where is the summe...come next year everyone will be 4-6 sizes smaller so save your money!!!!!
I always think about going but have never actually made it.lol
hope you get some bargains.x


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I was on their website first thing this morning and wasn't too impressed. Ended up not getting anything.
Hopefully the shop sale will be better.


please try again
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..come next year everyone will be 4-6 sizes smaller so save your money!!!!!
i havnt gone to the next sale but i was noughty and i bought some size 12 clothes in the sale at freespirit, got em cheap and great insperation, they currently live on the outside of my wardrobe, lol


Step away from the chips!
Got there at quarter to 4 this morning and the queue wasnt too bad, only about 25 people. The heavens opened at quarter past 4 and the rain pelted down for a half hour solid and i got soaked to the skin cos stupid me didnt bring either a coat or a brolly :rolleyes: But i got a few bits for myself which will hopefully tide me over clothewise between now & goal and despite saying i wouldnt, got lots of stuff for the children :eek:

I'm off tomorrow to meet some of the mums from the parenting forum i use. Last time i saw them it was my first week on Cambridge so looking forward to putting on my new togs and giving them all a shock :D


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that'll be us in a few months time Shelley. :D


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by the way - well done karen. thats a fantastic loss in just 4 months too.



Step away from the chips!
No Shelley lol....its only taken 3 months ;) lol Last Tuesday was exactly 3 months on Cambridge for me :D

Hoping the girls will se a difference tomorrow :eek:

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