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Is anyone here a runner?

Hi girls

Iv been on WW for a couple of weeks and its going really well so far.

I want to start running but im completely unfit and its sooo hard :cry:Can any runners give me tips in how to get my fitness up whilst not killing myself in the process?

I go to my local country park, the distance round the loch is just over a mile and im currently walking round it twice at a decent pace. I jog a little but only a few hundred meters before i have to stop.:eek:

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Although I'm a massive gym fan I too am rather scared of running! I never used to be able to do it, so I've gradually been working my way up and I can tell I'm better and better at running for faster and longer! :)

I just started briskly walking, then every couple of minutes add in a little jog (only for like 30 seconds or so!) then take it back down and then repeat (it's called interval training :))

Over time you'll be able to up the amount of time you jog/run for and the pace and do less time walking in between the fast bits...

It's totally worked for me! I never EVER used to be able to run! But I'm getting better and better at it now! :)

I know that's rubbishly explained lol but I hope that helps a little??

Good luck anyways!! :)
Thanks so much for this! Im going to definately give this a try. How often would you say to do it? I can normally only fit in twice maybe 3 times a week around works, kids, husband :p is this enough?
There is something called Couch to 5K for the Ipod - do a search for it online. Think that it gradually builds you up from walking to running over a number of weeks.
U are a genius! Ive just downloaded it to my ipod and im going out tonight to try it out!

Thanks so much x

Can I now bother you guys for some running song suggestions?

ta x
ooh i might see if i can get this onto my ipod...tho im no good with all that sort of stuff, i usually lose everything off it lol. im no runner but i def do want to be able to so it sounds ideal...thank u for this!! x
I use the C25k plan on a website called Inside the Mind of Suz It has a much better mix of music (imo) and you can download the podcasts for free.

I am now up to week 6 but seem stuck there and keep having to try it again and again! Having said that, I love jogging now and am much fitter than I was so I'm sure I'll get there!

Feel free to PM me anytime.
Ooohhhh Id love to jog to but like you am unfit and get puffed out after a little while. I was walking then jogging and using the telegraph poles, walk between two of them then jog then walk etc etc. Havent done it for a few months and I have to go out really early as I dont want people to see me :(, thats my main prob I think, people seeing me jogging.
I might give the ipod thing a try once I get hubby to download it for me!

Let us know how your getting on with it, see if it will motivate me!
great tips i to am very unfit i done a 10 mins running on the spot on the wii a while ago and about past out lol ok i have a chesty cough thing prob a little to do with it but hoping this works in the same way for me once i get out there! more i also need to get these app for my phone will help! x
Well I did it! Went out last night for a run and use the Couch 2 5k programme on my ipod an im amazed at how well I did! Dont get me wrong I was like a burst balloon for the rest of the night and my butt muscles are in agony today but I feel great for doing it and strangely can wait to get back out :)

Id definately reccomend it!
Hi tracy, i am completely unfit and determined to loose weight and get fit! ive just started jogging, i use lamp posts and trees as goals, and try and beat those goals as much as possible and then walk for a bit and start again! i hate the thought of people seeing me though so i go out at about 10pm! lol or jog round the local country park. i really want to be able to run 5k so im definatly going to download that thing! :) let me know how you get on! x
Go for it Kelz89!

Im on day 4 of the Couch to 5 k programme and im gobsmacked at how well im doing! The app is fantastic but i suppose it helps that im so focused and determined that im going to do it.

1st time i did it i thought i was gonna die but 2nd time was a bit easier, 3rd time was a piece of cake and i am actually hoping that it doesnt rain tonight so i can get out for a run tonight again:)

What i would say though is that i definately get more out of it if im outside running instead of on a treadmill, i dont feel as it my muscles are worked on a treadmill.

Let me know how you find it!

oh and many thanks to the original poster for the tip xxx


Loves the Nom Nom!!!
I did it on a treadmill and the first time i went outside i thought i was going to die!
If your thinking of doing it, just go outside, the treadmill is like walking compared to the pavement!!
I've got this app too but am too heavy to use it at the moment. Really encouraged to hear it's working well for you.

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