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Is anyone very near their goal or NOT overweight as such?

Hiya I'm just new, I've done weight watchers before but have never been on these forums.

I am looking to lose about a stone, but I'm actually within the healthy weight range for my height etc. I would still be within the healthy weight range after loosing the stone, I just want to feel more comfortable in my skin :)

I don't think I'm allowed to go to a weight watchers meeting and actually get weighed unless your overweight or can you? I'm not sure?!

Anyway basically, when I worked my points out (I know most of the stuff from when I had my baby and went to weight watchers) My points works out at only 16 a day.

Just wondering if anyone else is on as little points because I really struggle!

Thanks in advance! :p

Sammy x
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Erm there are some people who do WW because they want to shape up for holidays or parties etc and they only need to tone really and lose a little, don't think there is a certain weight you have to be to join WW though other longer members will be able to clarify this i've got 18lbs to go till i'm in the healthy bracket just i've come from being almost morbidly obese lol but there are lighter members on here like you just wanting to get a little bit off to feel better :) xxx
My daughters doing w with me shes bmi 23 and is well in her healthy weight range she wants to get down another 18lbs as shes nearly 15 and she will still be in a healthy range.
I know ww used to have a 7lbs rule I think that you have to be at least 7lbs over your lowest healthy bmi,but I dont know what the rules are now as I do it alone,maybe check their website it should say. what is your BMI now? xx


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Hey, im in a similar position, im 9 1/2 stone and would like to loose about a stone. Although i find that im not very diciplined because i think "well im not overweight, why should i miss out" lol so i dont seem to be getting anywhere.
When I joined I was slightly over 'healthy' BMI. Now i'm at 25 but want to lose another stone and a bit.

I think you can join as long as you are over 7lbs more than your min healthy BMI weight like others have said.

I have 19 points a day, but my leader gave me extra because she thought my job was standing mostly, but it's sitting mostly. But while the points are working i'm keeping schtuum lol.
Thanks girls :) my bmi is probably about 23.5, I am 9st 1lb and I want to get to 8st (I'm only 5 ft 2). I think I'll go to a meeting if I can thn because I totally agree because I'm not actually overweight an I look an ok size, I'm so undisciplined. I stick to my points the whole day and when it gets to 7pm I start eating biscuits and crisps and hot chocolate and stuff! Xxx
as far as i know you have to be at least 5lb over the minimum weight for your height!!hth


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I have lost nearly two stone already and I am now down to 16 points which are the minimum. I will be honest and say I am struggling on some days and others are fine. I save 1.5 points for a sugary fix in the evening. My breakfast is around 3 points, lunch 4, dinner 5, fruit 1.5 and milk 1. I'm not sure i would be able to maintain with WW but I am using it to get where I need and want to be. Good luck xx