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is he selfish or am i? your opinons please :)

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We are off on holiday 2nd june back 9th

friends wedding on sunday the 15th starts at 2pm, she is an hour or so away from us..

we been invited its at a hotel, i so cant wait so excited never been to a wedding as me being a grown up :)

anyway, i want to stay over night, cus the service is what an hour? then dinner etc will all roll into about 6pm, she also having a buffet etc at 9.. we will have baby with us too, her b ed is usually 6pm... have asked oh can we stay the night, he says no he has to go work on monday (gets up at 4am) and says we will have to leave for 5/6 the latest cus we need to get baby to bed and to get back so he can chill out for bed at 9 ? WTF what about me????

i want to stay the night.. if i stay he says he wont be going and i will have to find my own way there (i dont drive).. he being ever so funny..

why cant he book the monday of work and make a ni ght of it? oh he says cant taken the week before off cus of us on hols, and plus no one to look after his dog? put him in kennels then init? urghhhhhh we dont do nothing ffs..

anyway rant over.. your opinion plse? (my best friend would tell me to f him off) lol
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I think it depends on a few things hun.
How close is the friend? Will baby be really cranky if she is up late? Can't he go to work from the hotel?
Sorry I don't know the answer!
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I am going for defo not letting her down she been a good friend to me over the years.. we both suffer the same thing we help eachother out.. :)

just oh being a prat! i want to stay over night so we can all have a laugh.. baby will be ok, in her pushchair she not a whiny child shes ever so good :) just him.....
God what are they like ffs. Not much to ask is it hun one night? :)
S: 18st0lb C: 17st6lb G: 10st5lb BMI: 38.2 Loss: 0st8lb(3.17%)
i know all he needs to do is take the monday of work.. so what if he taken a week off prior! he is entitled to it... !! ffs and we could have a right norty evening :) lol and then theres the b reakfast in bed .. omg he so nassssssty lol..

will have another chat with him, i suppose, he wont take monday off he stubborn!! but perhaps if we can make it a later evening? i doubt that like.. he will want to be out of there for 6 to get home for 7-7.30... :(

shall i just say well i am going to be staying there the night? or go home with him? i am sure if i say i am staying the night he will say well i not goign then!!

if it was me hun I would go. I would say to him that of course it would be nice if he went and stayed, but you are going anyway cos its your mate and you want to have a good night. He could get round it if he wanted to I'll bet.


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