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Is it even possible?!

Think in starting to doubt I will ever be thin! There's so many storys about "if your always big your bones are bigger/heavier so you'll always be fat" ect ect. Iv been fat/over weight/obese since 4-5 years old. Heavest iv ever been was 26ish stone at 19 years old while pregnant!
ATM I'm 17st ad size 16 and 18. Now i just can't imagine ever ever being a size 12 let alone a 10!! I don't have big bones tbh. Wrist is 6" and my waist is 34" ATM. Anyone else felt like this but got to ur goal?
Also saggy legs!! Iv got abit between my legs that looks awful does your body naturally tone up?

Thanks xx
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Hey hon

I think the "big bones" theory is a bit of a thing we tell ourselves or other people tell us to make ourselves feel better.

Yes we may not have a slender frame or will have wider hips (i'll never be a size 8!) but you can be slim irrespective of your underlying body type. But if you can't visualise that (and who can if you have never been there) then visualise yourself a size smaller than you are now and aim for that.. when you get there go for the next size down.


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I feel exactly the same. I have never been what anyone would consider slim (except when I was a kid but I don't even remember!) and cant imagine myself skinny. My sister is a size 10/12 and we are the same height and shoe size etc so I assume I would look like her when I lose weight (which is a good thing!!!!)
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i'm 5ft 8in 11st 1.5lb and a size 12/14! my feet are a size 8D! when i was 17-22st i was a size 22-28 and my feet were a size 10EE fitting.

i thought i had bigger bones and they do stick out more now i'm the size i am but they're certainly not that 'big'! lol :D


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This is why I hate BMI as a method of putting you into a category!!!!!!! Grrrr

I'm a size 14 now at 13 stone and 5'6.5", size 8 feet and a 35" waist so one inch bigger than you.
At 17 stone i still had size 8 feet and a 42" waist

I had my bra size remeasured two weeks ago and apparently I'm still a 40" back. I was funfuzzled- how could i lose 3.5 stone, be a 14 and still take the same huge bra size?!

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