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Is it important to ensure consume minimum of 1200 cals a day?

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i think the main issue with being too far below 1200 is that your body can go into starvation mode - i think the absolute lowest recommended calorie intake per day is 1000 although obviously some people choose to eat below this depending on which diet plan theyre on


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If you stick to pure protein and pv there is no point in restricting calories, as the body cannot store excess protein in any form, and so it is just dumped.

You could in theory eat all the lean parts of a cow, and die of starvation if you didn't add an appropriate amount of carbohydrate to supply energy.
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Wow Astropos.....I never looked at it that way! I was worried that I was eating too much but will worry no more!
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That is so interesting Atropos. I know this is off subject but you being a Dukan expert and someone that understands the science of it, I have a question that has been with me from the beginning.

I know this isn't Atkins but it appears to me the biggest difference between the two is one is low fat high protein and the other high fat high protein. I just can't for the life of me understand why both work!:confused:

I know on Atkins on the induction carb counting is important and on Dukan no carbs at least from veggies are allowed every other day. Dukan includes oat bran everyday and Atkins includes flaxseed to make bread etc..

Can you or anyone explain the science behind it? I have never done Atkins but would love to understand particulalry when I reach stabilisation. That is if I live that long! I had a binge weekend albeit all Dukan but a binge nonetheless.:eek::(


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Thanks - for these - my main concern was that I am not consuming enough calories (quite ridiculous considering overeating is reason I am dieting)....

On Dukan I seem to average around 1100 - I could try and bump this up if it would help me lose weight quicker - but happy to aim to keep to around the 1100-1300 range if weightloss likely to be better?

All bit confusing for the non-initiated ?


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S: 11st12lb C: 11st8lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 26.1 Loss: 0st4lb(2.41%)
Slimdreamer -
I've been pondering the same thing.

In essence the fat in atkins and the limited carbs in dukan work the same way - they provide enough energy to stop the body going into starvation mode, but not quite enough, so stored fat is also converted into energy leading to weight loss.

Atkins made some very basic errors - for example he thought it was the fat in the diet that supressed hunger, and research in the 2000s proved it was the protein, and so made the very high fat intake of the original version of the diet unnecessary.

Personally I think the dukan approach is far more palatable and sustainable long term, includes a far greater range of nutrients, and has a better designed transition back to a stabilised longer term diet at the end.

Plus most of us don't get the long term stinky breath problem!
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Thank you Altropro. I have been peeking at the Atkins forum on mini lately out of curiosity. The principles and even the way they lose looks similar.

Its a shame we can't mix the two for the best of both worlds. Would love to be able to eat nuts! :)

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