Is it normal............... wee all the time on slimfast? :D

I'm going every half an hour at least, but haven't drunk that much more than i usually do.

My first day has gone like this:

8am Choc shake and cup of tea

10am Glass of water and 1 bannana

2pm choc caramel snack bar and cup of tea

4pm fruit smoothie

4.30pm Cup of tea

5.30pm cup of tea

and half a litre of water sipped at intervals throughout the day.

At 6pm i will have a ready meal and a low fat desert under 600 cals combined.

It seems an awful lot to me......... :eek:
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Adding that up in my head (so not dead accurate!) it would work out about 1220-1240 calories, which is fine.

The extra weeing can happen because you would have reduced your carbs, and that will cause a loss of glycogen. Not enough to go into ketosis, but a reduction anyway :)

When you lose a little glycogen, you lose 3/4 times it's weight in water.

Well done for sticking to plan :)
Hi KD - thanks for the reply!

So on SF i won't go into ketosis like with CD?

Also, do you know if i'm ok to snack on fruit if i'm hungry?

Ta muchly! :D


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Hi KD - thanks for the reply!

So on SF i won't go into ketosis like with CD?

Also, do you know if i'm ok to snack on fruit if i'm hungry?

Ta muchly! :D

No, you wont go into ketosis. Try and keep to low cal fruits though if you want fruit when hungry.

Bananas are high, berries are a good choice :)

Of course, with slimfast, you can have fruit as a snack anyway, but if you 'need' more than recommended, reach for the berries rather than bananas :)


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Damn... I quite like bananas lol!! Ok, my 1st day after a few months of non S.F'ing;

I had today;
b/fast;1 cereal bar and a coffee
11am; snack chew bar
1pm; shake
4pm; banana
6-7.15; THE GYM!!! EEEEK
7.30; dinner; tuna pasta
dessert; 3 after eights lol

I was mega hungry and felt cold and miserable but amazingly the gym made me feel a little better, and a nice relaxing bath has warmed me cobbles!
Oh no KD - i love bananas! :)


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that sounds fine to me.
i am on the slimfast diet and i was worried when i started as i went to the loo lodes.
stick with it ive lost 3st 11 so fair so it dose work.
keep going it gets easer i promice.



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Oh no KD - i love bananas! :)

You can still have your bananas. Great fruits. Help prevent stress for one thing! Did you know that many concert pianists have bananas before they perform?

Whoops, going off on a tangent there :D

Anyway, probably best not to go crazy with them. They are one of the highest calorie dense fruits and higher GI than most

High GI is great if you are about to exercise....but otherwise not. They just come within the allowance of a 100 calorie snack for a medium banana so they are allow on slimfast. Enjoy with limits.:)


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Does the fat content matter on slimfast or it it basically just off calories?