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Is it possible to do SW on your own?

The reason I ask is that I'm crazy busy and have used 5 weeks of my holiday in 2 months :rolleyes:. Anyway, with the interview and how busy work is (only 3 of us left trying to do at least 10 people's work) I really can't be sure I'll make it to class.

Tried to phone my leader several times this week to ask if I could pop in, pay for a 6 week course and get the password emailed to me. No joy. Emailed head office to ask for her email address - nada.

So didn't go last night and didn't phone in sick/ask for hol as couldn't get hold of her

so not going back but love the website - just don't want to tie myself in for 3 months (min joining)

Paying for 6 weeks in one go would be ideal for me- means I get access to the website and have the support of the class if I need to pop by but I guess it wasn't to be

So anyway............sorry for waffling - is it possible to just work from the books. Is there any formula for working out syns (which I've been meaning to ask anyway as don't feel stupid carrying my calculator around asda but a laptop is a step too far)

Thanks everyone

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Well... i would say that with the help of this forum and a cd i got off ebay for a fiver with all the books on it that you get in class (which presumably you will have already) i have pretty much got my head round all the different plans, so i would say it is possible to do it alone if you have the motivation.

As a VERY rough guide its 1 syn per 20 calories but this isnt always right! didnt know you could get a syn calculator, is there such a thing?

I also dont have time for classes, but this forum is so good i dont thnk i even need to go!



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I've never gone it alone, but I think a few on here do it without the website or group and they seem to do well hun.

I think the main thing I could say to do is keep coming on here - you're not alone then :)

Good luck and well done with the interview(s)! xxx
What a pity your leader is not so accommodating. Mine is great. One week I forgot the password and sent her a text as soon as I got home. Minutes later there was her reply

The only time I've worked out my own syn value was using the online calculator but no idea if there is a formula

Last week's word should still be working have you tried it?

Irene x
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I left my class in July and started on my own back in October. At first I struggled with the plan I seemed to have forgotten it all, but it's very easy to pick it up yourself if you still have all the books! The magazine is really good for recipes and some parts of the website are open to the public, although don't think it's updated much. There's also the online program, BodyOptimise, designed for people who can't attend a class, the link is on the SW website, on the "ways to join" section at the bottom of the homepage. I've not tried it though so don't know what it's like sorry!

Mrs V

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I go it alone and have done for over a year. You have to be strict with yourself as there is no threat of a weigh in if you have been naughty, but other than that it can be done.
I come on here daily during the week and if Im stuck for the syn value, I can always rely on someone on here to help me.
Yes, I do miss my class, but I simply cant afford to go at the moment and this for me is the next best option.


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Yes, it is possible, I have been going it 'alone' since May with the fantastic help and support of this forum, and I'm still losing, slowly but getting there.

Good luck to you.


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hi ther yes you can go it alone , i go to class but am thinking of going alone after christmas , on tue night i bought the food directory which gives a list of everything . If you can get hold of the book you would not need to go to class but get the support you need on this forum xx p.s the people here are sooooo suportive and friendly
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1 syn = 20 calories if there is no free food allowance in the item e.g. 'treat' food
Once you start looking at actual ready meals it gets complicated as some of the calories will come from food that is free- a food directory or access to the on-line tools are key to this.

I do Sw through bodyOptimise. I know you have to pay 3 months up front, but I see it as an investment as although I don't go to class I know I won't fall off the wagon as I have paid up front.



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I do SW at home, I have the directory and some recipe books. I am registered on bodyoptimise but i rarely use it (what awaste!). I have lost 30lbs in total now :)

So yes, it's possible to go it alone! :) xx
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I lost 2st going to class but then thought I'd go it alone. I ended up putting on 2.5st.

I am now back at class, have lost 1.5st and still losing.

I guess you have to be really strict with yourself as you don't have to worry about the weekly weigh in.
Not for me! Even at target I continue to go, it's a personal thing but I know if I didn't go then I would put the weight back on and end up rejoining.

If you like class then why don't you register as a shift worker? You then don't have to use your holidays, just say you are on shift.
Thanks everyone!!

Don't really get anything out of the class - was just going to get the password. That's my big fear - not being able to syn something or thinking it's free and being unable to double check

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Hi Toots
If you still have access to the website for now, why not copy and paste as much as you can (features or useful info or recipes) into a word document for yourself ?
Just an idea x
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Going it alone

I've never been to a slimming world class. A friend at work gave me a SW book which I've followed. I've done ok. This website is a great help!
I think as long as you've got the motivation you'll be fine :)

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