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Is it possible to lose 14 in a month on WW?


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Your the 2nd person to ask this in a week. I'd say people do but it's not common especially as you haven't loads to lose.
Ww is about changing your life to eating healthy exercising and eating filling foods not fast weightloss after week 1-2 you should feel 1-2 lbs a week is spot on as yes we ate cutting down on calories but not to the extreme. I'd say for best weightloss
Do ww 100% : weigh measure everything you eat ~drink.
Write everything that goes into your mouth down EVERYTHING
Drink 2 litres of water a day
Cut out fizzy drinks and don't eat too much junk
Eat low gi foods

I lost 11.5lbd in my first 4 weeks and I had 106lbs to lose.
I've lost 50lbs in 7 months some weeks I've lost 1/2lb and had 2x2.5lb gains and I was 100%
We don't know how much we will lose until we do a plan but lbs off us better than lbs on :)

Good luck xx


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S: 11st9.5lb C: 10st8lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 23.2 Loss: 1st1.5lb(9.48%)
Oh yeah, 1-2 pounds after the inital first few weeks is great! ...

Congrats on your 50lb that is great!

Im just wondering as i wanted to know if it was even possible, or acheiveable..

at an old SW class i went to a lady lost 14lb in one week!! Not that im every going to acheive that!! ...
Its very very unlikely and not a good idea to aim for it. The average losses are as Cherry said 1 - 2lbs a week, equates to about half a stone a month :)

When it comes to diets you need to either chose whats important, if its fast losses then a VLCD is the only way youll achieve it. WW is much healthier way to do it, much more enjoyable and youll get there, albeit a bit slower
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Hello, welcome to Weightwatchers! It is possible - tonight was my 4th weigh in and I have now lost 14lbs! So it is do-able, however, my weight losses have slowed down - from 6lbs in the first week, 4lbs in the 2nd week and 2lbs there after! I think WW is great - there is the freedom there to treat yourself, but you definitely notice what rubbish you used to eat!! Good luck!! xx


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Well done thats brilliant but your weight loss is the exception, not the rule and the OP doesnt have a whole lot to lose...
Agree with this, some people do extremely well in the first month or so but over time most people slowly average down to the expected 1 or 2 a month.

The thing is to REALISE this is the norm so if you don't loose a stone in a month not to get disheartened.
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Welcome to WW
I lost 14LB in my first week... but i have LOTS to lose wich is why i think it came off so quick... i made quite a few changes like i used to easly be able to eat a whole tup of Ben&jerrys to eating WW ice creams staying to points and exercising, im hopeing to lose my secound stone next week if i do then it has taken me 6 weeks... everyone is difrent and you should aim to lose no more the 2lb a week to be helathy as you dont want to lose muscel mass just fat! all you can do is do the best you can, drink lost of water and eat filling foods is the best ay to go i think... and see how your body reacts to things dont do anything you cant keep to like over exercise as if you do then stop it will slow the rest of your weight oss down... Good luck x