Is it really true...


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I am in week 9 of CD and have never had more than the minimum amount of fluid alongside my CD sachets.
So far i have lost 36lbs, which i am completely satisfied with. Yes, some people have lost more, but i do not believe in dragging myself down by forcing more drink down.
If you can manage more comfortably, then try and see whether your losses increase with a greater fluid intake.
I only drink fizzy water, black coffee & tea and green/mint tea. Never plain still water.


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i dont think it speeds it up but I know it flushes away the toxins faster which makes you feel healthier in the long run.
I love water now (I hated it at first but then I hated missing bread, cakes and choc as well!).

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moanz - when you are allowed to, try the Summer Berry water flavouring! It has made drinking the water so much easier for me even though i was fine with plain water. Now i love my berry water!


As long as you drink the minimum water of 2 1/4 litres/4 pints per day and a glass extra for every bar or tetra consumed, anything else is a bonus.
I think most people find a balance with water intake. I could do 4 litres no problem a day, but some can only do the minimum. Its a case of finding the right balance for you. :)