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Is it suppose to taste this good? :)


On day 2. just had my strawberry shake, did what some people on here have done which is added sweetener and ice. Tastes just like normal milkshake. I thought this diet was to de-sensitise the taste buds thats why the shakes and soups were so bland but this one tasted lovely, want another one now :) is there a limit on the amount of sweetener tabs you can put in? Is it good or bad that it tastes so nice?

Cheers x
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Yeah i like the strawberry & vanilla myself,, i dont use sweetner in them but i do in coffee, i dont think you need to worry about that, dont mean to a debbie downer but you will get sick of all flavors at one stage or another,, so just keeping mixing it up for urself.
Day 2 for me also shakes are okay once you get the first mouthful down...Just realising how much i picked at food whilst cooking not actually missing mealtimes but the smell of everyone elses food is making me hungry so ive taken myself upstairs for a while !!! Im hoping that once ketosis kicks in I will be more sociable...so good luck winters daughter and well done Trose 1203 posts like yours make this less daunting for us newbies..
Im on day 7 and sat drinking my 2nd shake at 6;15 pm just realised i hadnt eaten since breakfast, cooked kids tea and making cheese and onion pasties for tomorrow even the smell of it didnt make me remember to eat lol, so it does get easier, 4-5th days were better for me, so keep going xx BTW I tried the flap jacks yesterday, now I know why ppl call them crapjacks, omg they are vile!!! peanuts cardboard and bakers dog biscuits, thats what they remind me of :p
I really like the strawberry shake just blended with cold water - no sweetener or ice. And I like the chicken soup, which I know that some people on here will find incomprehensible!!

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